Friday, June 15, 2007

Zambrano to Cards? Molina to Cubs? No way in Hell!


Im putting this on here just to show you how Z plays with the media-

Mark Buehrle still gets heat for wearing a St. Louis Cardinals cap at a World Series game last October, but Carlos Zambrano one-upped Buehrle before Thursday's Cubs game.Zambrano motioned to reporters standing around the clubhouse and pointed to a box that contained a pair of red shinguards."It's a gift from my next catcher, Yadier," Zambrano said.Zambrano was referring to St. Louis catcher Yadier Molina, although he didn't specify whether he was going to St. Louis or Molina was coming to the Cubs.

The idea of Z going to the Cards are none and the idea of Molina coming to the cubs are pretty slim. This was pry just a prank to Zambrano, him a Molina are friends and this was just them toying with the media. First off the Cubs and Cards do not like each other a bit( which everyone knows), very rarely there is a inner division trade because you don't want the person you traded to come back to haunt you, and the idea that Z in Cardinal red will never happen.

But I'm just going to put out a far fetch theory out there for you. What if the Cubs do make a trade with the Cards? The idea of Z to the Cards is out of the question, the Cards have nothing to offer for Z. The idea of Molina is possible but unlikely because he is currently on the DL, and you cant trade a player that is on the Disable List. But here is how Molina could become a Cub. The cubs trade Barrett and a minor leaguer to the Cards for a PTBNL. That player to be named later would be Molina! After he gets off the DL he is then sent the Cubs way. This works on both aspects for the Cubs and Cards. The Cards get an offensive catcher to provide some pop in the Offensive depleted team right now. The Cubs make room for when Blanco, Ward, and Aram come back by trading Barrett and a minor leaguer. This gives the Cubs options of demoting a just a pitcher and a position player instead of having 2 position player sent down along with a pitcher. Hill would stay up and be the full time catcher with the staff until Blanco or Molina get in uniform then he would of course be sent down. You could still have the option of trading or releasing a player rather than sending a good player like Font or Pie down to AAA ( trade or release Izzy, Eyre, or Jones). The deal could in fact work, but it is a long shot. But wow I would love to have Molina in Cubbie Blue!

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