Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Jones to Twins? Players that need to find new homes!

I think ever team will be rumored to aquire Jones before the trade deadline, but here it is.

Thanks to MLB RUMORS-

While many fans and reporters called out for offense help, it is time to do something when their manager calls out for it too. Ron Gardenhire mentioned in his radio show that Twins need help: "You'd like to have one big bat, another big bat, either in the DH spot, or maybe put him at third base and put [Nick] Punto in the middle of the infield," Gardenhire told KSTP AM-1500. "Yeah, there's options. There's things that we can do here to probably improve it and give us even more depth all the way down through the lineup." The Twins have looked at Devil Rays infielder Ty Wigginton, who is batting .263 with 11 home runs and 33 RBI. Wiggington is in their price range and with the Twins' plethora of pitching, there is a match. But the Cubs also need pitching and bringing back a former Twin who had success there would probably benefit the team too. Jones struggled in his last two years with the team, but has learned a lot from playing in a high pressure environment and would benefit from a trade to the AL. But he is scheduled to make 9 million total over the next two years so the Cubs would have to give a lot of money to make it happen. Jones is batting .230 with 2 HR and 19 RBI this season.


Why in the world are the Cubs still holding onto these players?

Eyre- Should be traded, released, or DFA

Jones- Trade him, you should at least get a minor leaguer.

Murton- At least send him to AAA, you can pry get a good reliever or better platoon player if you package him with someone like Eyre or Cotts

Izzy- Send him packing, seeing how Font, Riot, and Derosa are playing, who needs Izzys overrated D, and terrible bat. You can pry get a decent prospect for him, he would be good off the bench but we are much better off with Riot, Font and Derosa and maybe calling up Epat than we are trotting Izzy out there every other day.

Cotts- I know he is in AAA, but I just seen him give up 9 runs in 2 innings in Iowa last week. Might as well deal him, call the Sox and see if they will trade Aardsma back to us.

Here is my suggestion, why not package some of these players such as Cotts, Murton/Jones, Eyre, etc for Wily Mo Pena???
Wily is 25 years old, he has always been good at Wrigley from what I remember. He has a good arm, not alot of speed. To me he is a young righty version of Cliff Floyd. He smashes lefty's(.301) and would be the ideal platoon in RF with Floyd. This would give Floyd alot more playing time rather than seeing Jones and Murton in the lineup instead of Floyd. Does anyone else find it ridiculous that we have 6 outfielders? Here is a link to his


His numbers arn't showing it but he is not built for Fenway, he is a pull hitter with tons of power. That's why his power numbers are down. Not to mention he has only had 86 AB this season. Ive wanted to acquire Wily Mo back when he was with the Reds but he went to the Sox for Bronson.

I think this would be a great move for the Cubs and Wily Mo.

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Anonymous said...

Pena has a horrible glove. He may hit the ball with authority, but the guy can't catch it if it is hit right at him. Not to mention the fact that he has only hit over .259 once in his life and that was only in 84 games. He strikes out way too much and even in seasons where he has played in over a 100 games he has only knocked in more than 60 runs in a season one time. I just don't see Pena as being a great fit. He is right handed, and we need more pop from the left side of the plate.