Monday, June 18, 2007

Suspensions handed out. Gagne coming?

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CHICAGO -- Major League Baseball suspended both Cubs first baseman Derrek Lee and San Diego pitcher Chris Young five games for their actions in Saturday's scuffle at Wrigley Field.
Both also were fined undisclosed amounts for their conduct during the incident. The announcement was made Monday by Bob Watson, vice president of on-field operations for Major League Baseball.
A Cubs spokesperson said Lee was appealing the penalty.
Both suspensions were to begin Tuesday, when the Cubs play at Texas and the Padres play host to the Baltimore Orioles.
Cubs hitting coach Gerald Perry received a three-game suspension and undisclosed fine for his "aggressive actions" during the incident. His suspension will begin Tuesday.
In addition, Padres players Brian Giles and Jake Peavy received undisclosed fines for their roles.
Lee was upset at a pitch that Young threw in the fourth inning Saturday that was high and close to his head. It nicked his left hand. As Lee walked to first, he said something to Young, and the pitcher responded. Lee didn't like Young's comment, and took a swing. Young swung, too, and neither landed a punch but both benches emptied and play was delayed several minutes.
"We had some dialogue, but that's between us," Lee said Saturday. "I don't get upset too often, but I don't like when a ball is thrown at my head. It was thrown right at my head."
Perry wasn't sure why he was tossed. Peavy had jumped on Lee's back, and Perry was trying to pull the Padres pitcher off the first baseman.
"I was as shocked as anybody that I was thrown out of the game," Perry said Saturday.
The Cubs were traveling to Texas on Monday, and unavailable for comment on the penalties.

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Lou Piniella urged General Manager Jim Hendry to go after the best players available during last off season; Well now, he is doing it again. Although the bullpen has been doing okay as of late, Piniella would love to add another solid arm to take some stress off the older guys. He is eying Eric Gagne, and the Front Office is considering to make a move on it. Gagne is doing well since coming off the Disabled List, and would fit nicely as a possible closer if they decide to move Dempster. A trade for Gagne would probably cost at least two prospects, maybe three. The negotiations aren't anywhere as of yet, so it is hard to gauge what the Rangers asking price will be.

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