Saturday, June 23, 2007

Jones trade pending????

According to many rumors sites and alot of anonymous sources of mine, the Jones trade appears to be"in the works". The rumor sites have just speculated that Jones trade is coming soon but according to many of my readers and sources there is a trade that is "close to be completed." The trade is said to be involving Jones and another player. The team is not mentioned in any of my emails that I received but my speculation is Jones and Eyre( the other player) will be traded to the White Sox for relief help( possibly a combination of these players- Mike MacDougal,David Aardsma, or Oneli Perez) There is also a rumor that Brian Anderson could be in the deal too but im not buying it.

The reason I am putting this "unfound rumor" on my site is because it makes logical sense to me. Jones who didn't play at all today, not to pinch run, hit, or defensive substitution. The players they decided to pinch run and hit are Koyie Hill, Angel Pagan, and Ward. So in my head I think they are holding Jones out because you don't want your trading chip hurt right before a trade is made.

Jones has fallen out of favor with the Cubs fans, teammates, and management and I think he will be in a different uniform within the next 48 hours.

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CubsMania said...

670-The Score:
Jacque Jones and a reliever to Texas for Eric Gagne.