Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Zambrano talks resume, cubs off to a slow start.

Here is an article from the Tribune today-

The Cubs don't have a mute button for Carlos Zambrano, but they wish he'd exercise a little more restraint in his dealings with the media.Zambrano was asked to tone it down after he remarked Saturday that Cincinnati was a better hitting team than Milwaukee. While Zambrano said he did not mean to demean the Brewers, he managed to tick off most of Milwaukee's players.

"I just feel you're better off talking about yourself and your own club," general manager Jim Hendry said. "I think the Brewers have a heck of a club. Carlos pitched better against them than he did in Cincy, but I don't think you should start comparing teams this early in the year."I don't see a bad team in the division. My attitude would be that in a perfect world you'd prefer [the player would] talk about your own performance, your own team and not worry about anyone else."Hendry said he hopes to resume contract talks with Zambrano's agent within a few days. Negotiations were put on hold last week after the announcement that the Cubs would be sold after the season.Miller timeWade Miller will be skipped in the rotation this week, with the Cubs using the off day to go with Zambrano, Jason Marquis and Rich Hill against Cincinnati this weekend. Manager Lou Piniella said before the season he would give the fifth starter two fewer starts than the others through the first month of the season, and he reiterated he had no problem with Miller's outing Sunday in Milwaukee."Miller threw the ball OK—he just got it up," Piniella said.Welcome homeCliff Floyd made himself at home with the left-field bleacher fans, who put aside their total devotion to Matt Murton to accept the hometown kid."It was cool," Floyd said. "It was kind of different. I'd never been here on the opposite side of the harassment. The fans were outstanding. I threw them a couple balls."I was hoping to get a hit—it would've made it much better out there. But I think I'll get some hits for them. I was a little nervous at the start, but they make you feel comfortable."Extra inningsMark Prior and Kerry Wood are so far behind that the Cubs would rather not discuss their progress in extended spring training. Hendry said Prior might get his first start in Arizona on Wednesday, which suggests he'll be placed on the seven-day disabled list at Triple-A Iowa for a second time. Hendry had no update on Wood. … The Cubs haven't begun talks on a contract extension for Michael Barrett, but Barrett put himself in good bargaining position Monday. After barely missing a diving catch on a pop foul in the first inning, he tossed the ball to Tribune Co. Vice President Crane Kenney, who was seated in the first row.


Alot of fans are upset and worried about the Cubs slow start. Alot of teams start slow, and the Cubs are just one of them. Now how you come on and finish is a different story. I always say you cant win a pennant in April, now having said that you cant go win less either. I have a feeling the Cubs are going to be a warm team. Meaning that they will do much better in warmer climate, I think there hot point will be toward the end of the month or when they take there southern and western road trips. That's just my feeling. The only advice I have for you fans that think the world is coming to the end is there are still 152 games left to play in the season, its far from over.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding all of the fair-weathered fans about the Cubs early start and there being a hole season to play. Chicago in April is a long way from Arizona and there play shows it. Cesar Izturis 3 errors is evedince that its hard to grip and handle a ball in 30-40 degree temperitures. Lets be patience and give them a chance to get warmed up, so to spaek

cubsfan82 said...

Im glad you agree. It is almost unbearable going to the cubs.com message board becuase of all the negativity and people saying "fire Lou" and "this team sucks" and "why did we get Soriano?". Personally im sick of it. Let them play more games before cubs fans form an opinion, we at least owe them that.