Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Floyd to see more playing time and Barrett should bat 2nd.

Here is a tidbit from ChicagoSports-

Cliff Floyd has received more playing time in left than Matt Murton, an apparent change of heart after Piniella said in spring training that Murton would be in left the majority of the time in the early going."Look," he said. "I like Murton, and Murton's going to get playing time. … We're very right-handed. I'm trying to get a little left-handed hitting into the lineup. … Floyd can swing the bat. It has nothing to do with Murton."


I actually agree with Lou, the cubs need more left handed pop. They are extremely right handed and Floyd has a good bat with tremendous power. His defense is OK but he has a better bat that Murton. I do think a platoon system would be the best for both players, let them decide and battle it out on who will win more playing time.


Here is my question to cubs fans.

Why doesn't Barrett bat 2nd??

He has a high OBP, lifetime .326 and .368 last year. He has pop in his bat, he has good contact with the ball. He has never stuck out more than 65 times in a year. He is slower than Derosa, Murton, Jones, and Izzy but he provides good contact, good OBP, low strike outs and hits to all fields. I honestly think Lou should try him in the 2 hole.

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