Monday, December 25, 2006

Rumors....Rumors...and more Rumors...

Its now time for another addition for Rumors.. Rumors.. and more Rumors.. I guess rumors never rest so here are my unfound rumors i have been emailed to me or posted on my site that i would like to share with you.( note: These are unfound rumors, which means there are no links or anything supporting them.. but hey this is a rumor site and i like to put up the emails my devoted readers send to me; and sometimes there even right!) Here they are-

1. Juan Rivera gets his leg broken in winter ball, there is alot of rumors going around that he wont be ready for the season, so the angels are looking for a corner outfielder to put up like numbers with Rivera... Can anyone say Jones??? This has been emailed to me 3 times in 2 days and is getting alot of hype on the message boards.. One said that Figgins for Jones( I would do that in a heartbeat!!) The other said Figgins for Jones and Guzman( which i would also do in a heartbeat!!) These trades make alot of sense on both sides, the Angels need a power hitting outfielder and the cubs have a displeased Dusty supporter who wants out of town.. Not to mention he only makes like 4 mill next year.. The cubs in turn need a defensive minded Cf who is a lefty, has speed and can hit in the #2 hole and Figgins fits that perfectly.. but why would the Angels give up Figgins, well they cant use him in left field. he doesnt have enough power and he cant play center because they just paid Matthews 10 mil a year to play there.. so this trade would make perfect sense.. now does it to the GMs??? who knows..

2. This one im putting in here for pure enjoyment.. some one said Griffey for Prior and Marshall.. Thats to funny!!! trade one DL for another DL and a young pitcher???? i dont think so!!!

3. Finally the last one.. This came out of nowhere.. This unknown person says Pie, Marmol, and Moore fo Raul Ibanez.. he is a great player and i wouldnt mind this trade if they took out Pie and inserted Jones... check out his stats- i have always loved Ibanez.. good defender.. and a power lefty bat... If Jim pulled that off it would be a unreal

That does it for this addition of my unfound rumors.. i hoped you enjoyed it!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

If the trade for Ibanez would be Jones, Marmol, and Moore, which they wouldn't take or even consider (even considering that their GM is a complete idiot), what would we do with Pie? Second, if we did trade Pie in that package.. it would be absolutely retarted. I'm just asking... where are you getting your rumors; because they seem like they are all made up?

cubsfan82 said...

This section is for unfound rumors only... i get several emails a day asking or telling me rumors.. i then research them and the ones i cant find anything to back it up i put it on "rumors..rumors.. and more rumors" title... i usually choose the emails that seem at least possiable maybe even far fetched in the case of this one.. it is basically unfound rumors and i get them from emailers and posters..

Anonymous said...

Ibanez is 35 yrs old next year and is NOT CF but LF(maybe RF?). I agree IF the trade for Ibanez would be Jones, Marmol, and Moore(they want to trade Beltre).