Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Cubs Rumors Getting Warmer

Here is a round up for rumors I have came across and are currently hearing:

-       Luis Valbuena name is coming up more and more but the Cubs are not simply going to give him away.  Ken Rosenthal said the A’s have interest and could come back to get him.  Tom Loxas from Chicago Insider tweets that the A’s acquiring Valbuena could net the Cubs a better PTBNL.  And then adds the name Raul Alcantara; so where do I sign up for that trade?

-       A couple of other teams that are  interested in Luis Valbuena are the Blue Jays and Tigers.

-       I am told that the Braves, Cardinals,  Angels, and Astros are both “in” on James Russell.

-       Wesley Wright is gaining the most interest from the Angels and Cardinals.

-       According to Ken Rosenthal the Dodgers talked to the Cubs about Samardzija but it never got serious considering they did not want to part with Joc Pederson or Corey Seagar.

-       Rockies owner Dick Monofort said in Patrick Saunders transcriptthat the Rockies had interest in acquiring Jeff Samardzija but the asking price was Eddie Butler and some other stuff.

-       A source told me the Orioles have been sending a scout “to just about every game” the Cubs have played recently.  The Orioles are looking for help at 2b, the rotation, and bullpen. 

-       Edwin Jackson is getting just mild interest right now but the Yankees, Marlins, and Rockies are potential suitors.

-       I am told the Cubs are still very much interested in Dustin Ackley but also have interest in 24 year old struggling pitcher Erasmo Ramirez of the Mariners.

-       So a surprising name that teams are interested in… Junior Lake.  Not sure if the Cubs would deal him but he has teams interested in him regardless.


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