Monday, October 28, 2013

Why is Torey Lovullo the Right Guy?

5 Reason why I think Torey Lovullo is the guy…


1.     The connection to Theo Epstein and the Boston Red Sox:  Lovullo previously worked under Theo Epstein as the AAA Pawtucket Red Sox in 2009 where admiration is plainly seen in the following quote:


My allegiance is to this group that’s been together for a long time,” said Lovullo. “I understand how the association happens because of Theo’s connection to the Red Sox and me being here when Theo was here. I think we have a mutual respect for one another. But we were on two different levels. He was at the big league level and I was in player development. I respected everything that the big league level stood for. There [were] no barriers between the front office and the manager, there was no disconnect with player development, and I know in time with that guy that sits in that seat there [in Chicago] with Theo that it’s going to be a pretty special relationship.”


2.     Minor League development:  He has spent 4 years in the minor leagues as a manager of the Buffalo Bison, Columbus Clippers, and Pawtucket Red Sox.  Anyone who spent time in the coaching leagues of the Indians and Red Sox farm system for a number of years deserves a look.  Both were ahead of the game when it came to advance statistics.  Not only that but both farm systems are usually full of talented players.  The Cubs in their own right have a large quantity of quality impact prospects that are likely to see the major leagues in the coming years.  Having a minor league manager with 4 years of experience in that capacity managing at the major league level is a huge asset for the Cubs prospects.


3.     Advance Statistics and Unified Vision:  By far the biggest asset that Torey Lovullo has is his knowledge and use of advance statistics which is outline perfectly in this fangraphsarticle.  It is essential and probably the most important thing to have the same vision as everyone in the organization from the 3rd base coach of Bosie to the owner of the Cubs Tom Ricketts.  That is something that was lacking with the Chicago Cubs coaching staff the previous two years under Sveum and something that is essential through this hire.  Torey Lovullo is a slam dunk here and that is what Epstein needs.


4.     Major League coaching experience:  It is becoming more apparent that the Cubs front office is less worried about Major League managing experience and maybe more inclined to take someone with ML coaching experience instead.  Out of the 7 rumored candidates only Wedge, Hinch, and Acta had major league managing experience and only Wedge and Hinch are left as finalist for the Cubs job.  Whereas Renteria, Martinez, and Lovullo have no ML managing experience but plenty of coaching experience at the ML level and only Lovullo and Renteria are left.  The fact that Lovullo has worked on two high profiled coaching staff being the 1st base coach of the Jays and bench coach of the Red Sox bodes well for Torey.  Having experience in the environment of big market teams puts him ahead of a guy like Renteria.


5.     His potential coaching staff:  To me when you talk about managers they are only as good as their coaching staff which again is a plus for Lovullo.  The connections he has made throughout his coaching and playing career has tea leaves leading us to some pretty impressive candidates for his staff like Sandy Alomar Jr., Alex Cora, and Brian Butterfield.  I talked about this at length here.


For these 5 reasons I believe Torey Lovullo would and will become the new manager of the Chicago Cubs….


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