Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cubs Hit and Run: Next up, Baez, and Schierholtz

Here is something not cool that may force my hand to change from blogger to another web based company for Hot Stove Cubbies content.  The new blogger app for my mobile phone does not let you link up to other websites that you are sourcing.  This makes it extremely hard to update all those who look to HSC with the latest info and rumors with links to great sites such as Bleacher Nation, CubsDen, and many others.  I will continue to search for a resolution but until then I will be posting the full URL to the site in which you will have to copy and paste into your browser.  Instead of the friendly “click on a link” that HSC has provided in the past.

I do apologize for the inconvenience and hope to get a resolution soon one way or another.

Now onto everything Cubs-

·         Seriously a fantastic read on the idea of trading Javier Baez found atCubsDen.  John makes some fantastic points about Baez but the only way I trade someone of his caliber is if the Cubs get a impact player in return like Stanton or Price or Trout.  Plain and simple.

·          I think the next 3 players to get the call up to the majors are Brett Jackson, Logan Watkins, and Ryan Sweeney.  I imagine we will see Watkins getting some time at 3rd in Iowa very soon to prove his versatility.  Sweeney may end up in Chicago if Sappelt struggles continue and Brett Jackson will likely be up around the trade deadline when the Cubs trade Soriano or DeJesus or both.

·         Lots of talk that Alberto Gonzalez maybe staying with the club and Lillibridge getting the boot when Barney comes back next week.  Not sure how I feel about that.

·         Nate Schierholtz defense in RF and good Abs are proving to be a big surprise to many including myself.  But we should not be surprised because in 7 years he owns a .270 OBP .320 OBP while playing great defense. He sports a .989 fielding percentage with 26 assist and only 8 errors in 506 games.  If he is just average at the plate (which he currently is way above) while playing the great defense it is hard not to like this signing.

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