Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Cubs Hit and Run: Marmol, Roster, Bleacher Nation, and Levine Speaks

Here is the latest talk and much respect to one website in particular-

· After yesterday’s game Dale Sveum still says that Marmol is their closer. I agree he should remain the closer for mental and trade value reasons. If you demote Marmol in the first game of the season he may never get “it” back. He is a closer and closer’s by nature are a different kind of person. You just hope Marmol goes on one of his streaks to bring his trade value up.
· Brett at Bleacher Nation has done a tremendous job of updating everyone on the Wrigley Renovation process. This has been a huge undertaking and one frankly that I was not willing to take on. The amount of time and energy that Brett has put into it should be commended. You should check it out if you have not already. In fact he has a new update hot off the presses today here.
· Click this link found here and in the middle part of the page on the right side you can find the updated rosters of the Cubs minor league affiliates. Some good players at all levels but Daytona’s team is stacked!

Here is the latest from Levine-

· Levine speaks up for Marmol and says in a roundabout way it is best to have him stay as closer.
· The Cubs are going with Lillibridge and Gonzalez for the next two weeks while Barney is out.
· No reason to trade for David Price now on both ends. The Cubs are never going to trade Baez at this point and the Rays are trying to win a World Series and cannot do that without Price.
· Ricketts is making it seem they are willing to move from Wrigley Field but they won’t because that have too much invested in the current area.
· The Cubs are not going to trade Jeff Samardzija.
· Cubs lineup is better this year although run production will be a challenge.
· The Cubs will go after the best free agents available but they have to make sense and Cano may not make sense next year.
· No reason to trade a younger cost controlled lefty like James Russell.
· The Cubs tried trading for Lonnie Chisenhall and Mike Olt in the offseason but were unsuccessful.

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