Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cubs Hit and Run: Convention, Stewart, Pitching and More...

  • If you did not go to the Cubs Convention like me then you were checking Bleacher Nation a lot. One of the most notable pieces is on the Obsessive Wrigley Renovation Watch found here. I love the upgrade ideas along with keeping the integrity of the ballpark.
  • Brett Jackson says what everyone wants to hear which is he has every intention of making the big league team and he has no intention of going to Iowa.
  • BJax swing has changed dramatically according to the few that have seen it up close including Dale Sveum. It mirrors a lot of what Rizzo approach/stance is at the plate is.
  • The announcement of the Carlos Villanueva signing should happen this week with a corresponding 40 man roster move quickly before or after the announcement.
  • So Ian Stewart talked to Carrie Muskat and Ian said he is 100% healthy for the first time since 2010. It would be wonderful if the Cubs could catch lightning in a bottle with Stewart. His defense is really good and worth having on this team but if his bat comes around like it was before his injury; WATCH OUT. If Stewart can bat .260 with a .320 OBP and 20 homers next season I call that a win!
  • The Cubs are still being tossed around as a landing spot for Michael Bourn but as the days go by I think it is less likely he will be making his way to the north-side.
  • The Phillies signed Delmon Young so I ask why they picked him over Soriano? Hmmm...
  • The Diamondbacks and Cubs discussed Justin Upton according to Bruce Levine but the Cubs walked away when Castro got brought up. Cannot blame them there.
  • The Cubs have the possibility of a 7 man rotation if no other moves get made with Shark, Garza, Jackson, Baker, Feldman, Wood, and Villanueva. Now to me it is likely to go to a 6 man with Travis Wood likely to be moved to the bullpen. So the next logically thing is Matt Garza being traded in Spring Training. Especially with reports of a possible contact extension being on hold indefinitely, which is an understanding by both sides. There are 5 places I can see Garza landing as of right now and they are with the Red Sox, Rangers, Yankees, Angels, and Indians.
  • Indians and Yankees are my wild cards because the Indians have spent some money this winter and need an upgrade to their rotation. Not to mention they have a player that Cubs would love to have in Lonnie Chisenhall. The Yankees on the other had have decent pitching depth but never count them out when talking about a prominent player on the move. Not sure what the Yankees would give up for Garza.
  • The place that makes the most sense is the Rangers for Garza considering they have a want and need to make a splash and have shopped Olt who is a guy that would interest the Cubs. I think Matt goes to the Rangers for a package of 4+ prospects that include Olt and Martin Perez or Buckle.
  • The Cubs could have some interest in 24 year old pitcher Sam Dyson who was DFA by the Blue Jays to make room for Mark DeRosa. Dyson was a 4th round pick in the 2010 MLB draft. See his stats here.
Now onto the latest with Bruce Levine-
  • Matt Garza will be the Opening Day starter as long as he logs enough ST innings.
  • There is rumors that the Phillies and Cubs are still talking about Soriano but he then says they are still rumors.
  • The Cubs and Phillies have not talked since the Ben Revere trade.
  • Vogelbach is more than a couple years from the big leagues so worrying about a position now is not an issue.
  • The Cubs are not interested in giving up as draft pick for Bourn at this point unless he give the Cubs a heck of a deal.
  • If the Tigers liked the Cubs relievers then a deal for Rick Porcello could work.
  • Valbuena and Stewart will battle for 3rd. Neither one has a lock on the position.
  • There is nothing Brett Jackson can do in Spring Training to change the FO mind about keeping him in Chicago. I CANNOT DISAGREE MORE.
  • Bruce thinks Garza stays put and proves he is healthy then the Cubs sign him to an extension. I do not thing that will happen either because he will be traded before Opening Day.
  • He thinks Marmol is gone first and I think it will be Garza.
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