Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cubs Sign Scott Feldman, Levine Speaks, & Other Tidbits

  • The Chicago Cubs have reached an agreement with right-handed pitcher Scott Feldman on a one year deal worth 6 million dollars.  The soon to be 30 year old Feldman holds a 4.81 career ERA over 8 major league seasons all with Texas.  So the signing on the surface does not look like a good move but lets dig deeper.  His average K's is 7 per 9 innings while his base on balls are only 2 which says he is a solid pitcher.  He also has played in the better league in a tough division his entire career.  He also was moved to the pen and rotation and back several times which is not good for a pitchers confidence.  Feldman is also traditionally a ground ball pitcher which will be great at Wrigley.  All in all this is a good move and I would not be surprised if truly breaks out this year with the Cubs.
  • So the Cubs rotation looks set for next season. Or does it?  A source tells me the Cubs are still looking at all pitchers available on the free agent and trade markets.  The Cubs are still very much interested in Brandon McCarthy, Francisco Liriano, and Shaun Marcum. 
  • The Royals are looking to deal Wil Myers for a veteran top of the rotation pitcher and have looked at James Shields and Jon Lester.  I hope Theo is seeing this because the Cubs have a pitcher named Matt Garza who is as good as they both are and I am sure the Cubs would even include more than him for Myers.  Myers is a can't miss prospect and one the Cubs could go all out for if the Royals are dangling him.
  • The Reds are ready to move Chapman to the rotation since they are close to signing Broxton to a deal.  This will likely force the Reds to trade one of their starters.  26 year old Homer Bailey, 25 year old Mike Leake, 24 year old Mat Latos, 26 year old Johny Cueto, or 35 year old Bronson Arroyo could be on their way out.  All could interest the Cubs in one way or another.
  • So Olney said the Cubs, Rays, and Dbacks were the most interested in Keppinger before he broke his fibula.  Regardless on the injury Keppinger should still interest the Cubs and he could now be a much cheaper option for them.  I should also state that if they signed Jeff he would likely be a bench player or be in the mix for 3rd base next season.
  • Cubs name Rob Deer assistant pitching coach for next season. 

Bruce Levine Speaks-

  • The Cubs are not done adding pitching according to Levine. 
  • The Cubs are not afraid to add more payroll through the winter.
  • Levine does not understand trading Castro for Stanton and neither do I.
  • WGN, Comcast, and Crane Kenney will make the decision on the TV color guy but nothing is imminent.
  • Levine chiming in on Myers!  Garza is perfect for the Royals and Wil Myers might be of interest to the Cubs.
  • 2012 is when the Cubs may start signing big free agents.
  • Feldman should benefit for the move to the NL.
  • Bruce not sure if Marcum is still on the Cubs radar.
  • You can always find spot for young impact players.
  • The Cubs have to make a decision on non-tenders Friday and Stewart maybe one of them not tendered.
  • The Cubs will part with Marmol for other pitching talent.
  •  Lake needs 500 ABs in AAA before he makes the jump to the majors.
  • The Cubs would have to trade young talent to get Chisenhall.
  • Chone Figgins does not fit with the Cubs.
  • Soriano will be in LF with DeJesus in right.
  • The Cubs maybe willing to deal their young catcher if the price is right.
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