Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Who Will Replace Bob Brenly?

I first want to thank Bob Brenly for his 8 wonderful years in the Cubs broadcast booth.  His incredible knowledge with Len Kasper play by play skills made them a dynamic duo.  Good luck on future endeavors Mr. Brenly.  You are truly once of the best color commentators in baseball.

Now onto the future! Here is my list of 6 guys who I think would work well in the broadcast booth for the Cubs and also with Len Kasper.

6.  Todd Hollandsworth: A former Cub who says what is on his mind.  He has experience in the booth and has filled in for Brenly numerous times.  He has gotten better every year since he established himself on CSN pre and post game show. The thing that puts him on the bottom of this list is whether he can get excitable and exercise more than one tone in his voice.  He also tends to be rather dry.

5.  Doug Glanville:  Another former Cub and known to be the smartest man in baseball.  Doug is very intelligent and knows the game well especially from a Cubs perspective.  His experience with ESPN has put him on this list alone but just like Hollandsworth can he do the part and avoid being dry and boring.

4.  Eric Karros:  He is just great on TV and also a former Cub.  He is baseball smart and has on screen charisma that Doug and Todd seem to lack.  His experience on Baseball Tonight would be a huge plus but also his voice and actions seem to be suited well with Len Kasper.  You can do worse than Karros that is for sure.

3.  Mark Grace:  Another former Cub who is out with the Dbacks and maybe looking for another announcing job.  He has a problem with drinking while driving so that is a negative but he knows the Cubs and is good at what he does.  Gracie is loved by most Cubs fans and he is also really baseball smart.  His experience in the booth in Arizona is a huge plus and I feel he would work great with Len.  Without the baggage Grace would be number 1 or 2 on this list.

2.  Steve Stone:  The guy just knows baseball and is one of the best color commentators in sports alone. He has an obligation with the White Sox and confirms he wants to stay but friction between Hawk and him could result in a "change of heart." This is a different time, different team, and I think all things will be forgotten once Stoney gets in that seat next to Len Kasper.

1.  Rick Sutcliffe: He is the man for the job.  He is a former Cub and not to mention a genuine Cubs fan.  He has great charisma, he is flamboyant, and just good at what he does. Has ton of experience with ESPN and is very baseball smart.  Having him in the booth with Len would be a smooth transfer from Brenly.  The Cubs need to at least offer the job to him.

Honorable mention to Dan Plesac, David Kaplan, Kerry Wood, and Dave Campbell.  All 4 of them are good candidates for the job but the 6 I laid out above exceed these men for one reason or another.

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Hackenbush said...

Sut would be fine with me but I do miss Steve Stone. I always thought he and Hawk were a bad match-- two guys with big egos together is too much. Not Harrelson myself.

cherry su said...

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Matthew said...

Sutcliffe is the man for the job. I used to like Steve Stone, but he threw the Cubs under the bus and thus his career hopes with them. No way I hire him back if I am Cubs. Mark Grace was a great Cub before he sold out and left for 'greener pastures', in Arizona?? He would be a flashback to Harry Carey, since he and Harry both liked to be tanked in the press box. I think the Red Baron is the man for the job.