Sunday, April 01, 2012

MLB Predictions

With Wednesday being the official Opening Day (who counts that game between the A's and M's) here are my MLB predictions.


American League

AL West

1. LA Angels- 100-62
2. Texas Rangers- 88-74
3. Oakland A's- 72-90
4. Seattle Mariners- 64-98

AL Central

1. Detroit Tigers- 94-68
2. Kansas City Royals- 84-78
3. Minnesota Twins- 82-80
4. Cleveland Indians- 73-89
5. Chicago White Sox- 66-96

AL East

1. New York Yankees- 92-70
2. Boston Red Sox- 90-72
3. Tampa Bay Rays- 86-76
4. Toronto Blue Jays- 80-82
5. Baltimore Orioles- 58-104

Playoff Breakdown:
AL East: LA Angels 100-62
AL Central: Detroit Tigers 94-68
AL East: New York Yankees: 92-70
Wild Card #1: Boston Red Sox 90-72
Wild Card #2: Texas Rangers 88-74

The Texas Rangers defeat the Boston Red Sox
The LA Angels defeat the Boston Red Sox
The Detroit Tigers defeat the NY Yankees

The LA Angels defeat the Detroit Tigers

American League Champions: LA Angels

National League

NL West

1. LA Dodgers- 89-73
2. San Francisco Giants- 85-77
3. Arizona Diamondbacks- 82-80
4. Colorado Rockies- 71-91
5. San Diego Padres- 65- 97

NL Central

1. Cincinnati Reds- 90-72
2. St. Louis Cardinals- 83-79
3. Milwaukee Brewers- 79-83
4. Chicago Cubs- 75-87
5. Pittsburgh Pirates- 68-94
6. Houston Astros- 52-110

NL East

1. Philadelphia Phillies- 99-63
2. Atlanta Braves- 86-76
3. Miami Marlins- 83-79
4. Washington Nationals- 82-80
5. New York Mets- 65-97

Playoff Breakdown:
NL West: LA Dodgers 89-73
NL Central: Cincinnati Reds 90-72
NL East: Philadelphia Phillies 99-63
Wild Card #1: Atlanta Braves 86-76
Wild Card #2: San Francisco Giants 85-77

The Atlanta Braves defeat the San Francisco Giants
The Philadelphia Phillies defeat the Atlanta Braves
The LA Dodgers defeat the Cincinnati Reds

The Philadelphia Phillies defeat the LA Dodgers

NL Champion: Philadelphia Phillies

World Series: Philadelphia Phillies defeat the LA Angels

American League Awards-

Manager of the Year: Mike Scioscia
AL Rookie of the Year: Matt Moore
Comeback Player of the Year: Kendry Morales
Hank Aaron Award: Albert Pujols
Cy Young Award: Justin Verlander
MVP: Albert Pujols

National League Awards-

Manager of the Year: Charlie Manuel
NL Rookie of the Year: Yonder Alonso
Comeback Player of the Year: Adam Wainwright
Hank Aaron Award: Joey Votto
Cy Young Award: Roy Halladay
MVP: Matt Kemp

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Kyle Bradberry said...

Real high on the LA teams. Angels by 12 over Texas and the Dodgers having a winning record are both bold predictions. I like the Brew Crew in the central.

cubsfan82 said...

I think both have the best teams in baseball and the best players with Kemp and Pujols. Also do not count out Kendry Morales having a huge year. He has the makings of superstar even after injury

cubsfanbriansblog said...

i think the cubs will win the nl central and surprise alot of people

cubsfan82 said...

I hope you are right Cubsfanbrianblog! I think they have the starting pitching but do they have he bats and bullpen to back that up. I don't see the NLC being very good so anything is possiable.

Tom F. said...

I am with you cubsfan82 I think that they have the starting pitching but I also believe that they have the hitting. A lot of the runs this spring have been off of starters from other teams not the guys trying to make the team. GO CUBS!!