Friday, February 24, 2012

The Latest Cubs Talk from Spring Training

Here is the latest CUBS talk-

- Dale Sveum is committed to Bryan LaHair at 1st base but Anthony Rizzo could still push LaHair.

- John Gaub is hoping to make the Cubs team out of Spring Training. The Cubs could go with three lefties in pen which could help Gaub chances.

- Ian Stewart will not platoon with anyone. In fact Dale Sveum does not believe in platoon situations but will get everyone a chance to play.

- Sveum believes you can stick with one lineup and he plans to do so with minor changes to get players days off and playing time.

- Although Sveum has not announced an official lineup it looks like David DeJesus will be the lead-off or get every chance to keep the spot.

- Dale also said LaHair would likely bat clean-up although Soriano could find himself in that spot as well. It would then make sense to put Castro in the 3 or 4 spot in the lineup.

- Starlin Castro reported to camp today.

- Bleacher Nation has the latest on Starlin Castro found here.

- Tim Sheridan has more great pics from the Boys of Spring found here.

- Cubs Den has a good write up on Junior Lake’s future which is found here.

- Please check out CubbiesCrib as the lay out player profiles on every player on the 40-man roster. It takes a lot of work for something like this so please check them out!

- Bleeding Cubbie Blue has a great write on Ian Stewarts expectations found hereand Bryan LaHair found here.

- Also “We Are Baseball GMs” has a write up on trade options for out of options players which include the Cubs. You can read it here.

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Anonymous said...

Have you heard anything about the Cubs talking to the Angels about a possible trade? I was thinking that the Cubs could deal Soto and Garza for Conger, Trumbo, Garrett Richards, and Jean Segura? This would help the Cubs at 2nd and 3rd base and catcher. Also, will give them a good arms for the minors for another year.

Dallin Burgener said...

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Dallin Burgener said...

Just wanted to invite you to follow my blog "We Are Baseball GMs," I'm currently analyzing possible extensions teams could look at, some under-the-radar and some not so much, and am currently looking at some options for the Cubs. See the link below!