Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Cubs Rumors and News Slowing Down... UPDATE- Now Z to Miami Thats News!


Levine was right; the Cubs have sent Carlos Zambrano to the Marlins for 25 year old righty Chris Volstad. The Cubs will pay all but $2.5M of his contract and Volstad is expected to make 2.6 so the Cubs are really not saving any money just headaches which could mean more. I wish Z the best in Miami and say what you will I still will call Big Z one of my favorite Cubs to watch.

More on this in a later post.

Cubs talk has been slow but here are some tidbits-
-The Jays and Yankees are out of the Garza sweepstakes according to sources. I really find that hard to believe and think it is a ploy to have the Cubs drop their asking price which they won’t do.
-The Cubs are asking the Jays for 2 top pitching prospects and 3 position prospects for Garza. -The Cubs did ask for Brett Lawrie but got immediately shut down.
-The Cubs are asking the Yankees two of Jesus Montero, Eduardo Nunez, Hector Noesi, Dellin Betance, and Manny Banuelos in a package for Gaza. The Cubs also want two more pieces that are not included in that list.
-The Nationals are stepping up their pursuit on Fielder according to numerous reports. Fielder, Boras, and the Nats President met yesterday to discuss things. There is a lot of smoke around this front and it should be noted that the Nationals overpaid for Werth and they will likely do the same for Fielder.
-Some reports suggest the Nationals will guarantee 7 years with an option for the 8th to get Fielder to Washington.
-Reed Johnson officially signed with the Cubs on a one-year $1.5M deal. Nice to have Johnson back in Cubbie blue for next season.
-The Cubs lost out on CoCo Crisp than goodness! Crisp got an above market deal from the A’s that equals about half of Beltran’s contract. I have to be honest if the A’s are paying Crisp that much then they should not complain about money issues because they have done it to themselves.
-It seems the Tigers are the biggest player for Garza right now but the Cubs will be patient because they don’t have to trade Garza.
-There has been talk about a possible extension of Matt Garza but numbers have not been leaked.
-Bruce Levine says Detroit’s top OF prospect Avisail Garcia might be a piece the Cubs look for Garza as well as Turner.
-There are some teams that have mild interest in Soriano but are willing to wait because the longer Sori stays on the Cubs the more salary the Cubs are willing to pay.
-Levine still feels Z will be out of Chicago by Opening Day and he will end up with Ozzie in Miami.
-Bruce adds Atlanta to the list of teams that like Marlon Byrd. Other teams interested are Washington and Boston.
-The Rangers do have interest in Garza but only if they can deal Harrison.
-Levine thinks Manny Corpas will have a role with the team next season.
-Levine thinks Wood and the Cubs have a deal in place but are waiting on other moves before announcing it.
-He thinks the Cubs are still in on Fielder.
-Levine thinks the Cubs are not going to trade Marmol before Opening Day.
-He says the Cubs will add more infield depth to help with Barney at 2nd and Castro at SS.
-The Cubs are still very much in on Cespedes and Soler even with the logjam in the outfield right now.
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