Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Levine's Latest and Other Cubs Notes...

Let’s check out Levine’s latest and other rumors-

- Levine stated the Cubs could put Soto on waivers to try to obtain pitching prospects since they think Castillo or Clevenger is ready for the Show. This would go against what Hendry implied at the deadline saying he will not trade anyone that will help next season.

- The Cubs could also place Koyie Hill on waivers and just let him go for salary relief.

- Quade is worried about his job so that is why he is torn between playing youth or veterans. He should be worried because unless something big happens he and Hendry should be gone!

- Levine also implied that Hendry’s hands maybe tied with his job, Quade’s job, and Kenney’s job all in jeopardy. Ricketts said he would address the team after the season but he maybe better served letting all of them go now!

- Sources say Zambrano could be claimed by the Yankees or White Sox once put on waivers.

- Soriano is unlikely to be claimed according to those same sources.

- Levine says Rick Hahn could be a viable GM replacement if Hendry is asked to leave. He said he has learned a lot from Kenny Williams and is considered the #1 GM prospect in baseball. He is from the Chicago area and grew up a Cubs fan.

- Greg Maddux is not a candidate for the GM job if Hendry leaves according to sources.

- If Ryne Sandberg is the Cubs next manager he could bring the band back together. Sandberg could bring in Jody Davis, Rick Sutcliffe, Larry Bowa, Lloyd McClendon, and/or Greg Maddux on his coaching staff in some capacity. Although Maddux is not likely to accept because he wants to spend more time with his family. Sandberg has said when he was in the running for manager that he wanted to bring in the Cubs family because of how unique the franchise actually is. Sandberg knew bringing in guys that understood what it is to be the Cubs is very important in coaching and running a team hence why he wants to bring former Cubs on his staff. It is also rumored that Sandberg had interest in bring in Bob Brenly as his bench coach.

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