Monday, August 15, 2011

Cubs Notes.... It is about time!

Here is the latest on the Chicago Cubs from a long layoff from HSC…

- So the Cubs are doing what they do best, exceeding expectations after they are ruled out of the playoffs.

- The Cubs are considering re-signing Carlos Pena but sources say they will court Pujols and Fielder first.

- Pena is very interested in re-signing with the Cubs and may even give them a discount. Pena is a good clubhouse guy, has a decent glove, and a great power hitter but Fielder is more of a move for the future rather than signing Pena.

- Carlos Zambrano might have thrown his last pitch for the Cubs or any team. The Cubs placed him on the restricted list after his tirade and ejection. He can’t have contact with the team for 30 days. Many speculate he will be dealt or released before the start of the 2012 season. Some close to Carlos said he may end up retiring to concentrate on other things and get his head together. CubbieCrib has the best information on this story.

- While I have always been a Zambrano fan and do think he is a great competitor and player; it is hard to come back from this. Being the Cubs you have to move on from him as much as it pains me to say. Watching Z leave the Cubs this way is hard to swallow and no way did I expect his to leave on these terms but it seems that is what will happen. I would like to point out that Carlos Zambrano’s actions have cemented his fate but by no means do I think they should define him as a player on the Chicago Cubs.

- Speaking of Z, the Dbacks just lost Jason Marquis for 4-6 weeks and have interest in Carlos Zambrano according to sources.

- Bob Nightengale came out with some interesting news; Hendry is likely to be retained. He said unless Ricketts changes his mind Hendry will remain GM for next season which is the final year of his contract. This likely means Quade will be retained but Crane Kenney will likely be replace with a guy like Pat Gillick or Brain Cashman. There are also rumors they could be grooming Maddux as the eventual successor to Hendry.

- If the Cubs retain Hendry that means no Sandberg in 2012 and from the news he might find himself on a major league coaching staff next season.

- It seems the Cubs have signed (officially or unofficially) all their draft picks except Shawon Duston Jr., Ricky Jacquez, and Taylor Dugas. The big two (Baez and Vogelbach) are expected to have an official announcement by the deadline.

- The Cubs would like to continue to bring in clubhouse guys and are targeting Nick Swisher as utility player for their bench. The Yankees hold an option on Swisher and has been a solid everyday player for them so it would be hard to say he would not find everyday work somewhere.

Please excuse the length between post but I am in moving mode so I will try to keep up on all things Cubs via twitter and will try to post on my blog as much as I can. Please hang in there and stay tuned.


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Christopher T said...

No, Cubs signed Shawon Dunston, Jr for $1.275 million. They did not sign Taylor Dugas, Jacob Lindgren or Ricky Jacquez. Bigger news than those three non-signs: Dillon Maples did sign for $2.5m, which is the largest signing bonus ever for someone drafted below the second round. Indeed, Baez and Vogelbach also signed at $2.625m and $1.6, respectively

Anonymous said...

Dunston signed

Nick I Cub Fan said...

Word is the cubs won't bring up Brett Jackson cause there is no room for him on their 40 man roster.I would like to help the cubs make room. Eight players that can be taken off the list now.
Grabow, Ortiz, Hill, Montenez, Smit, Schlitter, Caridad, Berg. Then they could bring up future stars like, Jackson, Vitters, Clevenger, LaHair, Beliveau. And still have 3 empty slots to add who they please. I'm just trying to help Mr. Hendry since he'll be busy with Mr. Z.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

You were right HENDRY GONE......

Nick I Cub Fan said...

To the new GM. Cubs hitting is 8th best, Philly hitting is 16th.Cubs pitching is 28th Philly is 1st. Cubs fielding is 30th (dead last),
Philly is 1st. Point is Philly has 4 starters with ERA'S under 2.80. Cubs have no starters under 3.80. Cubs need starting pitchers Garza
is the only one i would keep. Spend and trade for pitching.

Anonymous said...

You missed the boat again bro. Now what are you gonna report on? The whole country knows what's going on w the Cubs now. If your gonna run a half ass site give it up. Its not the first time you have done this