Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rumoring Around...

A lot of these were updated on my twitter so those of you who follow me this is old news-

- Carlos Pena’s trade talk is severely exaggerated according to sources. Even though the Pirates seem like the front runners to land him.

- The Cubs are close to trading Fukduome according to sources and Bruce Levine. The Indians remain a likely destination with the Brewers and two other teams in the mix.

- The Cubs number one target is off-season is Prince Fielder regardless of “other talk.” Carlos Pena is plan B because Pujols is likely to stay in St. Louis according to sources.

- The first outfielder to be brought to the ML after one is traded is not Brett Jackson but Tyler Colvin. In my opinion they need to bring Jackson up first.

- The Cubs called on James Shields before he was pulled off the trade market by the Rays.

- A source close to Tom Ricketts said he will “evaluate the entire baseball operation that is the Chicago Cubs.” This is including the affiliates of the Cubs as well. The source also said “he is not afraid to make drastic changes if he feels it benefits the Cubs, the fans, and the city of Chicago.” A lot can be speculated from this; anything from Stadium renovations, to a fire sale, to many coaching changes, to anything really.

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