Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Levine Notes...

Here is the latest from Levine and other media outlets-

- Levine credits Shark’s success on keeping the ball down and developing the cutter last season.

- Levine says no matter how good Soriano does this year he is untradeable because of his contract. I seriously doubt that considering what we seen happen with Vernon Wells and Alex Rios these past years.

- Quade is continuing to tinker with the Cubs lineup as Castro struggles in the 3 hole. Q needs to leave Castro and Barney in the 1 and 2 spots in the lineup until Brett Jackson comes up then you have to really shuffle your lineup because he is the future leadoff hitter for the Cubs. I think the Cubs should put Aramis, Soto, or Soriano in the 3 hole because Byrd is just not doing it.

- We have likely seen Russell’s last start because of his struggles and the two up coming off days can let the Cubs skip the 5th starter spot.

- Levine says now is not the time to trade your veterans like Byrd and bring up Jackson. I disagree because I think Jackson would bring more to the table than Byrd.

- Baker may end up platooning with Pena at first if he continues to struggle. Nothing like a 10 million dollar platoon player.

- The Cubs may end up turning there attention to Fielder instead of Pujols this offseason because Prince will cost less, likely take less years, and is younger.

- The Nationals have some interest in Byrd.

- Sam Fuld was expected to be dealt during the year last year but injuries prevented potential deals. Fuld is obviously off to a great start and the Cubs looked like they misjudged him but they really did not have a choice with their already crowded expensive outfield.

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Nick I Cub Fan said...

I agree with you, i think Soriano could be traded for Zito even up right now. The contracts are about the same and the Giants are not happy with Zito.
I would then put Byrd in left and bring up both Jacksons. One to play center and leadoff the other to replace Russell. I don't know how Russell even made this team. Unless someone owed his dad a favor. Last year he gave up a ton of homers in AAA. Then they promote
him to the majors were he gave up another ton of homers. And this year he's still at it giving up homers. He should be sent down to AA where he maybe could learn to keep the ball down.
And if Coleman doesn't improve, i would start Samardzija and bring up Carpenter. But i do think Coleman will get better.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

Pitching help on the way. TCR is reporting that Hendry watched Doug Davis pitch 5 innings of 2 hit ball
0 walks and 8 strike outs. And that he maybe on his way to pitch a game at AAA. Wellemeyer did not do so good. Jackson is pitching well at AAA. Wells and Cashner are getting close. The cubs will probably need at least 3 starters, Dempster looks like hes hurtting.

Anonymous said...

Yes because the cubs would definitley trade the league leader in home runs for a guy who has struggled mightily.