Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Levine has the latest and other notes...

Here is the latest from Levine and other notes

  1. Levine is not worried about Byrd because it is early but he says he is really behind on fastballs.

  2. Barney will get the chance to play 2nd base everyday if he shows he can hit against left-handers.

  3. Until that time Baker will get the nod against lefties. *Colvin is the backup for Pena who is day to day with a sprained thumb. Pena might get Weds. off as well.

  4. Ramirez says if you can’t play for Mike Quade then you can’t play for anyone.

  5. Levine ranks the Cubs bullpen 4th behind the Padres, Yankees and White Sox. Hard to argue that.

  6. Pena says he is ready today if they need him and wants to start tomorrow but Quade may want to be cautious and give him the day off.

  7. Levine says Pena provides the Cubs with better defense, power, and RBI potential than Derrek Lee did.

  8. The Cubs had the lowest attendance yesterday since 2002 at around 26,000. Wood says it is very unusual but the place will be rocking as the weather gets warmer.

  9. Castro is an ideal 1,2, or 3 hitter according to Levine but says he will take over the 3rd spot in the lineup in the very near future.

  10. Levine does not see Soriano hitting over 30 homeruns. I agree.

  11. DeWitt is just a backup right now for 3rd and 2nd but can earn his way to a part-time player if he hits.

  12. Here are two great articles from ESPN Chicago and Bruce Levine. QKeepingthemready and Millar keeping it real.

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Nick I Cub Fan said...

Does anyone know why Castillo got demoted to Daytona?