Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cubs add Vets and looking ahead to 2012

  • The Cubs added Doug Davis to their minor league depth. He could actually take the ball in the place of Russell next time around. Both Wells and Cashner could miss 4-6 weeks so you could see a carousel of pitchers filling in the 4th and 5th spot in the rotation.

  • The Cubs signed Ramon Ortiz to a minor league deal to add depth to the rotation in AAA Iowa.

  • Fukudome is listed as day to day with a strained left hamstring.

  • Here is an early look at my Chicago Cubs opening day lineup and rotation for 2012

  • Brett Jackson CF

  • Starlin Castro SS

  • Albert Pujols/Prince Fielder 1st

  • Aramis Ramirez 3rd

  • Tyler Colvin RF

  • Alfonso Soriano LF

  • Geovany Soto C

  • Darwin Barney 2b

  • Pitcher

  • Ryan Dempter

  • Carlos Zambrano

  • Matt Garza

  • Andrew Cashner

  • Trey McNutt

  • I think players like Chris Carpenter, Jay Jackson, Reggie Golden, and Matt Szczur are still a year away although you could see Carpenter in the pen. Players like Josh Vitters, Hayden Simpson, Junior Lake, Jae-Hoon Ha, Ryan Flahery, D.J. LeMahieu, and Michael Burgess are still 2+ years away from the big leagues. Also in this lineup I see Dempster either exercising his player option or signing a longer deal to stay with the Cubs. Randy Wells is likely to get dealt this offseason because his trade value will be high if he pitches like he did in 2009 which I expect him to do so. He is also due a big raise in arbitration next season which could lead to him being dealt. I also see Marlon Byrd’s role on the team limited to a fourth outfielder or platoon partner for Colvin in RF. He could also get dealt as well. Finally I see the Cubs either landing Albert Pujols or Prince Fielder next offseason. The Cubs have a ton of money coming off the books and do not have a solid 1st baseman for 2012. If Ricketts makes one splash this off-season it will be one of those two. I don’t see the Cubs coming out of the off-season without one of them, it just won’t happen.

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Anonymous said...

is that a pujols/fielder platoon at first? haha

Nick I Cub Fan said...

I think Jackson and Carpenter make the team this year. And i think Smith or Vitters play 3B next year.
I also think Colvin gets sent back to minors.

Anonymous said...

Given that projected roster, Marlon Byrd is no 4th outfielder. He is a far better player than Colvin.

Anonymous said...

I disagree I believe Vitters will be ready for 2012.

Anonymous said...

Dude, were halfway through April in 2011. Calm down, no reason to be making 2012 projections already.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

I expected Grabow and Russel to have ERAS above 6.00, but never would i think Dempster, Garza and Zambrano. Maybe losing our pitching coach to the Yankees was a real no no.
The only left handed bat batting over .220 is Fukudome it maybe time to bring up Jackson
.441 batting average. Send Colvin back down.