Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Szczur picks Cubs and Other Notes...

- Matt Szczur has chosen the Cubs over a possible NFL career today by signing a 1.5 million dollar contact. Here is what Baseball America has to say about him-

"Szczur has a knack for barreling balls, which combined with his top-of-the-scale speed will allow him to hit for high averages. He has hit some 400-foot bombs in batting practice, and once he gets more coaching and learns to finish through the ball better, he could have average or better power. He's still refining his basestealing and baserunning, but his speed alone makes him a threat. Villanova football coach Andy Talley says Szczur is his fastest player ever, ahead of star NFL running back Brian Westbrook. In his short time in pro ball, Szczur's center-field play and his throwing made significant strides. He'll have plus-plus range once he improves his jumps, and his arm strength rated as average after he loosened up and lost some of his football tightness. His competitiveness and work ethic are impeccable."

Szczur was originally drafted by the Dodgers in the 38th round of the 2007 draft before he decided to play football and baseball at Villanova. Szczur hit a robust .347 with a .414 OBP, 10 doubles, a triple in 25 games for the Boise Hawks, Peoria Chiefs, and in Rookie ball. I know it is early but he has all the tools to become a star in the making.

- Levine says the Cubs could add a guy like Orlando Cabrera that can play multiple spots and be a veteran bat off the bench. We have said the same thing here on HSC.

- Andrew Cashner has a spot in the rotation according to Levine.

- Mark Riggins says Smardzija will be heading to the bullpen.

- Fernando Perez and Reed Johnson will compete for the 5th outfield spot this spring. Perez has youth and speed while Johnson has fan support and a hard work ethic.

- There are only 4 candidates to call games with Pat Hughes; Gary Matthews Sr., Doug Glanville, Dave Otto, and Keith Moreland. Levine says Otto is the favorite. I think Moreland has the lead while I would love Glanville to get the job.

- Levine expects the Cubs to get a player or two before ST is over.

- Soto, Quade, and Hill have some strong words for Theriot and his comments he made toward his former team.

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Anonymous said...

Great! Hopefully he turns out as good as Shark did!

Anonymous said...

Ok i was not a big Theriot fan but when you are treaded to your prior teams rival are you suppose to walk in a Cub or a cardinal? I have not read much on exactly what he said but tell me one person that is now playing and being paid by the cardinals is going to say different. Common sence people....

Nick I Cub Fan said...

Jon Mayo of listed the top 10 prospects at ever position including top 10 left and top ten righty pitchers. The only cub listed was Vitters as the 7th best third base prospect. Archer and Lee
did not make the list. So the Garza
trade is looking even better. Also
Jackson didn't make the list. Now that is the top ten at each position, not the top 100 players.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

Sorry Jackson did make the top 10 list for outfielders, he's number 6.