Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Reed Johnson is Back and More Cub Talk...

- One of my favorite outfielders the Cubs have ever had, Reed Johnson, has signed a minor league deal with an invite to Spring Training. Reed has some tough competition in the outfield such has Brad Snyder, Fernando Perez, and James Adduci but if an outfielder gets injured or traded (Fukudome) then I can see Reed staying on the 25 man roster. If anything it will be nice to see Johnson back in Cubbie Blue!

- The Cubs avoided arbitration with Koyie Hill signing him to a $850,000 contract. I honestly do not know why we still have this guy. Here is hoping that Max Ramirez or Wellington Castillo becomes the backup to Soto.

- The Cubs may end up trading Gorzelanny after all because Quade says they have the luxury of having Scott Maine, Sean Marshall, James Russell, and John Grabow. James Russell may even have a shot at the rotation according to Quade. The Cubs are likely to deal Gorzelanny because of the amount he is likely due to his arbitration raise. He has interest from several teams most noteably the Nationals, Mets, and O's.

- Randy Wells says he may have gotten too big of a head and now is battling several players for 2 spots in the rotation. If Wells does not land a rotation spot he could be sent to the pen for long relief, traded, or sent to AAA.

- The Cubs did not make a offer for Grienke because of the amount of cash he is owed over the next several years.

- Levine says he has not heard any talk about a Halos/Cubs trade but thought the idea was interesting and he would look into it.

- Levine sees Samardzija as the 5th starter. Please God No!

- There is no chance Big Z is traded before Opening Day.

- Bruce Levine names Doug Glanville as one of 4 remaining for the spot of Pat Hughes partner. He is currently my favorite to land the job,

- Before we go I just want to say the thought of having a Soriano, Byrd, Colvin, Perez, and Johnson outfield excites me a bit. A nice mixture of young players and vets, speed and power, OK defense and great defense. Lets just hope Johnson and Perez show up this Spring and Fukudome get traded.

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allan jb said...

Why Hill? How about because he is a good defensive catcher,comes cheap and hits from the left side.A back up catcher is not there because he is a great hitter.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

I know Maine, Russell and Wells can
be sent down to AAA. Could Gorzelanny be sent down? If he can why trade him. And if he can't send Maine and Russell down. Silva and Wells are the two i would try to trade.
If Fukudome gets traded Johnson still doesn't make the team cause hes right handed. Snyder would start out of spring training, or Jackson if Fukudome gets traded in june. (if hes ready) Hill is the only lefty pinch hitter off the bench if Johnson makes the team. Would any manager want him as your only pinch hitting lefty. I know the rumors have several teams intrested in Gorzelanny and none in Wells or Silva. But as we get closer to opening season things change with injuries and such.
I'm glad to see you have a little more time now for posting rumors, keep up the good work.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

Here's another thought KC needs starting pitching real bad. They have 3 first basemen. Butler, Hosmer,Ka'Kaihue. Also 3B man Moustakas. (untouchable i think)
And 2 lefty starters down in AA Montgomery and Duffy. Cubs have many starters Rumor has it KC is looking for pitchers.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

Gorzelanny was traded for 3 minor leaguers. Burgess a left handed outfielder. Morris a right handed pitcher ( best slider in wash. minors acording to Baseball America ) and another pitcher.