Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Levine's Latest and More....

How about that, two post in one day! Here is the latest from Levine-

- The Cubs are still looking to add pitching but the Rays and Indians are asking a ton for Garza and Carmona.

- Brett Jackson will likely start the year in AA or AAA but injuries could cause him to be called up sooner.

- The Chris Davis deal is not dead but the Cubs do not want to trade top talent for him.

- Levine said Aramis Ramirez could be trade bait if the Cubs are out of contention by the deadline. Either way we have to hope Aram has a monster year!

- The Cubs liked Capuano and almost signed him before he signed with the Mets.

Other Rumblings-

- According to Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports via twitter the Cubs are not looking to upgrade 2nd base so they are likely out on Micheal Young.

- According to a source of mine the Cubs and Rangers have discussed a trade that would send a package headed by Soriano and followed with 2-3 very good prospects to the Rangers for Micheal Young, Chris Davis, and Darren O'Day. The Cubs would also send cash upwards to 20 million for the back end of Soriano's contract. The Cubs view Chris Davis as a utility guy to spell Aram and Pena from time to time, Darren O'Day as middle relief, and Micheal Young as their starting 2nd baseman. The Rangers view Soriano as their primary DH but would likely split time in RF and LF with Cruz and Hamilton. The prospects are unknown but you better believe one of them is Robinson Chirinos.

Rumors Running Wild.... Until Next Time....


Nick I Cub Fan said...

schlitter was the player dropped from the 40 man roster. Yanks picked him up.

Anonymous said...

What a sorry baseball team. I just looked at their projected lineup...its sad considering the payroll we have.
Fukudome - Can't wait till he's gone
Castro - Not proven yet, but maybe
Aram - Will be better than last year but still not 30 HR anymore
Pena - Not a long term solution
Byrd - Love his attitude, slightly above avg though
Soriano - Ouch, Colvin should get his playing time
Soto - Can't complain, decent for a catcher
Dewitt - utility guy in a starting role

Baby Z - Its easy to pitch when your team is outta it and no pressue
Demp - Has been solid, but not a big game winner
Wells/Gorz/Silva - add them together you MIGHT have another dempster

So now we are relying again on the Cubs unproven talent from the farm system that played near average in a september with no pressure... and I must remind you of these names:
Kerry Wood
Mark Prior
Hee Soep Choi
Corey Patterson
Gary Matthews Jr
Sergio Mitre
Jason Dubois
Matt Murton
Jermaine Van Buren
Felix Pie
Rich Hill
Kevin Hart
Bobby Hill
Kevin Orie
Roosevelt Brown...
And thats just without digging into any archives...Great production out of our homegrown talent