Thursday, October 07, 2010

Manager Rumors and more....

- Bruce Levine is reporting that the Cubs managerial search is in phase two. The Cubs only have three serious candidates that will speak to Tom Ricketts and they are Eric Wedge, Mike Quade, and Ryne Sandberg. I honestly cannot see why the Cubs are considering Eric Wedge for anything besides maybe a bench coach. He is not that good of a manager and if you go with anyone in that group you go with Quade or Sandberg because they have been apart of the Cubs for some time and deserve a shot.

- Here is one to file away in your rumor file! The Cubs are drawing out the interview process as long as they can and hope the Yankees fall out of contention early so they can try to interview Joe Girardi. The Cubs front office does not want to look like they are “waiting on Girardi” which is why they have been making the “interviews and phases” very public. This is also why it is taking the Cubs so long to make a decision and why the Cubs do not have a definite deadline for a manager to be named. So in all actuality Mike Quade, Ryne Sandberg, and Eric Wedge are all backup plans because if Girardi wants the job it is his.

- Sources say an unknown team has asked to interview Mike Quade, it is unsure whether the Cubs have granted that request or not.

- Doug Russell of WSSP tweeted that Bob Brenly is close to becoming the Brewers manager but the Brewers are denying that report stating they have not begun the interview process with anyone. Bob Brenly says he has nothing to say right now on the matter. Also sources say that if Brenly is announced the manager he would name Bob Melvin his bench coach. He was also interviewed for the Cubs manager position.

- Speaking of bench coaches, if the Cubs hire Mike Quade he may appoint Ken Macha as his bench coach. This would be a bad move by Quade because Macha has been under fire in Milwaukee for not relating to players, having no fire, and making constant baseball manager blunders. I think if Quade is hired he should name Pat Listach or Dave Martinez as his bench coach. Even though David Martinez stated he would interested in the Cubs manager position if he was asked.

- If Bob Brenly does go to Wrigley North then Dan Plesac would be the leading candidate to replace him. I say why not Mark Grace?!?!

- Jim Hendry also interviewed Don Wakamatsu but he was never a serious candidate but could find spot on the Cubs staff.

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Anonymous said...

Mark Grace is terrible color commentator.

Unknown said...

ARE YOU SERIOUS????? Mark Grace has to be the worst announcer ever in the history of sports

Anonymous said...

Dave Otto has shown that he is a very competent analyst.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

Just for fun I thought we could all guess who will be the cubs top ten prospects for next year.
To the left are last years prospects, and the right are my picks for next year.


Maybe next week we could pick trades we would like to see the cubs make.