Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lou Pinella to Step Down...

Lou Pinella will step down as Cubs manager after today's game. Lou is stepping down because of his mother's failing health. Jim Hendry told Wittenmyer today that Mike Quade will take over for interm manager not Alan Trammel. He also said Quade will be interview for the full time job this off season but Alan Trammel will not get a chance to interview.

This tells me a couple of things. Jim Hendry has a short list of candidates and he is not willing to just hand over the job to someone in the organization. This also tells me that Ryne Sandberg is not his #1 choice because if he was then he would be managing the team after today.

To me there should be only 3 candidates the Cubs and Jim should consider. Bob Brenly, Ryne Sandberg, and Joe Girardi.

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