Thursday, May 27, 2010

Back From Vacation....

Hi guys, just got back from vacation today. Here is the latest (or not new news) on the Cubs.

- Aramis is due back tomorrow. He is nursing a sore thumb.

- Z is heading back to the rotation (as long as he proves healthy after his hospital scare) and the Cubs could make Tom Gorzelanny available but have not done so yet. The Mets, Tigers, and Rangers all have interest.

- The Cubs plan on moving Starlin Castro into the #2 spot permanently while Colvin could see a lot more playing time.

- Wells could be moved to the pen when Zambrano comes back to the rotation.

- The Cubs still have interest in Mike Lowell.

Until Next Time...


Anonymous said...

Probably see Dempster moved to pen.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

We could of traded Wells for relief help 3 weeks ago, but now he's just a cheaper Zambrano that nobody wants. There are 3 starters with ERA's about 2.00 pitching great in AAA. Since the cubs want to have control of them for an extra year, we may not see them come up till July.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

If the cubs really wanted to save some money over the next 3 years.
All these players are hitting .300 or better except Vitters. I know we will still have Soriano and Zambrano in three years. But the future looks good. Also Cashner, Diamond, Jackson, Bibens-dirkx are all starters with ERA's close to 2.00