Sunday, February 21, 2010

Notes From Spring....

- As expected the Cubs won their arbitration case against Ryan Theriot. Theriot will make 2.6 million instead of 3.4 million.

- Only four players have not reported to camp. Starlin Castro, Derrek Lee, Alfonso Soriano, and Aramis Ramirez. Monday is the official reporting date.

- Jeff Baker and Mike Fontenot will compete for the starting job at 2nd this season. Lou is cool with that.

- Nady will see a lot of time at DH this Spring and will see time in RF and LF during the season.

- Theriot or Fukudome will bat leadoff this year.

- Jim is now saying they may add an arm through free agency or trade since they won their case with Theriot.

- The Cubs are talking trades with numerous teams and not just about relievers.

- Ted Lilly's MRI is just showing a little irritation, nothing abnormal.

- Carlos Silva needs to lose 10-12 pounds before ST but he is still throwing the ball really well.

- The Cubs still like Chan Ho Park but not at the 3-4 million dollar price tag.

- Guzman will be ready to pitch when Spring games start March 4th.

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Joe said...

Come on Chan Ho... you're not going to get $3-4 mil in this market. Match the $1.5 mil salary you got last year.