Thursday, October 08, 2009

Bradley to Rays? Granderson Anyone?

Update2- The Cubs have now found another possible destination for Milton Bradley. According to sources the Mariners have interest in the troubled outfielder and have several expensive player they would like to deal as well. The rumor is the Mariners are willing to take on Bradley and his contract if the Cubs take Kenji Johjima, Carlos Silva, Bill Hall, or Ian Snell and what is left on their contract. Johjima is owed 16 million over the next two years, Silva is owed 23 million over the next 2 years with a mutual option of 12 million for 2012, Hall is owed 8.4 million next season and has a club option for 9.25 million for 2011, and Ian Snell is owed 4.25 million next season with club options of 6.75 million in 2011 and 9.25 million in 2012.

The Cubs already have enough guys like Silva so he is out of the question. Same goes with Kenji because we already have two decent catchers. That leaves Bill Hall who has played some outfield and infield and has some value but not that much and could just be a pretty expensive utility guy. I honestly would trade Hall for Bradley though.

Ian Snell for Milton Bradley?? I would do in a heartbeat! Yes, his trade value and numbers are down but I think going to the Cubs will actually benefit Snell especially when he plays the Pirates. Snell had the makings of a number one or two pitcher in the Majors when he stopped throwing his fastball for strikes. I think Larry Rothchild could turn this young man around and he would be a really good bottom of the rotation guy for the Cubs next year. The Cubs need to pull off this deal!

More as this develops....

Update- Buster Onley of ESPN says it is a long shot that the Rays and Cubs get a deal done that would send Bradley to Flordia and Burrell to Chicago.

I just do not see how this is a "long shot." Two troubled outfielders that want out of their teams. Not too much of a long shot Buster.

- The Sun-Times is reporting that the Cubs are urging the Rays to make a fast deal for Milton Bradley. Probably to get the problem out the door sooner than later. Bradley is owed 21 million over the next two years and the Rays have an unwanted outfielder named Pat Burrell who is owed 7 million that they are willing to trade. The Rays would require the Cubs to pay almost the difference in contracts to get a deal done. I think the Cubs should talk about acquiring another player in the deal to make it happen rather than forking over more money.

They could include higher priced guys like James Shields or Willy Aybar in the deal to offset the money but they are not likely to deal either one of those guys. They could in fact pick up the 4.25 million dollar option on Iwamura then trade him to the Cubs along with Burrell to offset the cash some. That deal would really benefit the Cubs and I could see the Cubs sending 6+ million in cash along with a minor leaguer to get that deal done.

The Cubs could also wait and look at the Padres and Jays as partners but it is unlikely spot since the GM positions are still up in the air.

- The Detriot News says that the Tigers should shop Granderson for some middle infield, relief pitcher, and maybe a replacement outfielder. The Cubs could use Granderson who can steal 20+ basese, hit 20+ homers, and drive in 60+ RBI out of the leadoff spot. This could also give the Cubs an opportunity once again to dump Milton Bradley who is owed 21 million while Granderson is owed 37 million over the next four years at the age of 28. The Cubs could send them Bradley and Shark for Granderson. I think the Cubs should at least give Detroit a call about Granderson, he is a superstar in the making.

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Anonymous said...

I really don't see Bradley coming to the Rays. Since the Rays have had new ownership they have purged all of the questionable attitudes from the team. I live in the Tampa area and there has not been anything about this possible trade mentioned locally in the media. I know the Rays are very disappointed in Burrell and wouldn't mind moving him but I don't believe they would go for Bradley with his personal problems.

Joe said...

Bradley for Burrell is a long shot because we dont need a right handed DH hitter. We already have Jake Fox and Soriano.

There are plenty of other "attractive" bad contract options than Burrell and your M's info is a good start. I agree that the Cubs have enough Silva types (end of rotation starter/middle relief guy) but definitely more value than Burrell. Plus it wouldn't be a stretch to see him do well in the NL vs his numbers in the AL as well as playing for a contender again.

Hopefully the Cubs can find a deal with even money. I hate to just eat money. Or at least get something back. I think we got Fonty in the Sosa deal. Not exactly the next All Star, but he was a useful part the last couple seasons. But dont just eat money.

Anonymous said...

Granderson for Shark and Bradley, come on, The Tigers would never ever ever do that. The next realistic trade you put on here will be the first.

Anonymous said...

They wouldn't do that trade, but if they threw in Dontrell Willis, that might work ...