Monday, August 03, 2009

Teams Looking to Deal in August?

Jon Heyman of listed players who would clear waivers, could clear waivers, and will not clear waivers, but could be dealt to the claiming team. Lets have a look.

Players that would clear waivers-
- Bronson Arroyo
- Adam Dunn
- Jose Guillen
- Aaron Harang
- Adrian Beltre
- Aubrey Huff
- Jason Giambi
- Melvin Mora
- Miguel Batista
- Juan Cruz
- Ty Wigginton
- Ron Mahay
- Willie Bloomquist
- Lyle Overbay
- Willie Taveras

Out of these players I can see the Cubs looking at Adam Dunn or Willy Taveras if an injury occurs to any other outfielders. I can also see them looking at Ron Mahay, Ty Wigginton (for a super utility guy), and Willie Bloomquist (also super utility guy).

Here are the players that COULD clear waivers-
- Jon Garland
- Doug Davis
- Gil Meche
- Alex Rios
- Mark Hendrickson
- Johnny Peralta
- Jamey Carroll
- Ron Villone

Jamey Carroll (super utility guy) and Doug Davis should be the only players on that list that should interest the Cubs.

Players that probably will not clear waivers, but could be dealt to claiming team-
- Roy Halladay
- Felix Hernandez
- Heath Bell
- Adrian Gonzalez
- Marco Scutaro
- Chad Qualls
- Michael Wuertz
- Brian Bannister
- Josh Willingham
- Gary Sheffield
- David Eckstein
- Jason Frasor
- Mark Teahen

A lot of good players on this list. The Cubs really need a player like Qualls or Bell in their pen. They could also use Marco Scutaro. Mark Teahen would be the best guy to land on this list minus Felix and Doc.

Lets hope the Cubs do some moves in August because they will not make the playoffs with the team the have right now. The do not have consistent production from RF, 2nd base, and their late inning relief. Not to mention I think they need a Closer.

Jim will have to make something happen!

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Anonymous said...

is there any talk about us putting Bradley on waivers?