Thursday, February 05, 2009

Cubs Could Target Other Backup Infielders.

The Cubs are currently looking for a backup infielder that would preferably be right handed and play some if not all infield positions. With limited utility guys like Nomar, Aurilia, and Millar getting a lot of attention from other clubs, the Cubs may lose out on them and go with Hoffpauir to backup first while Miles, Theriot, and Fonty help backup third base.

The Cubs also could look at guys they just invite to Spring Training that could blossom into their ideal utility guy. Here is 3 guys I came up with that they should look at-

Morgan Ensberg- A guy that just smashed a few years ago. He could still be a valuable option. He can play 1st and 3rd base and would benefit from being in a hitter friendly park. Not to mention back in the NL Central.

Ruben Gotay - This guys is young and a switch hitter that could come off the bench. He is only 26 years old and put up OK numbers. He can play 2b, SS, and 3rd but 1st maybe hard to handle.

Scott Spiezio- This guy fell off the planet when he had problems outside of baseball. The Cubs should still give him a call. He is a switch hitter who can play everywhere and well.

I also want to throw out Bobby Scales. He could make the team if he proves he can play 3rd base, which I think he can. He is young, has good speed, great defense, and some good pop. He could turn some heads. Not to mention he is a switch hitter.


Jordan C said...

Watch out tho Nomar best offer right now is a minor league deal

if thats the case then he will be a cub in 09

Nick I Cub Fan said...

I like Scales hes played 2B,3B and OF. But if he makes the team Hoffpauir gets demoted, i don't like that. Let Scales play 3B in AAA and if the cubs need a 3B man, then bring him up.Just my opinion.