Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cubs Notes

Here is some notes over the past week-

- Lou has named his starters for the playoffs with Dempster getting the first game followed by Z, Harden, and Lilly.

- Lou also said Samja and Howry are in as a part of the 25 man playoff roster. Howry does not deserve to be there but it is his decision. So if we carry 11 pitchers we are looking at Z, Demp, Harden, Lilly, Wood, Marmol, Howry, Samja, Cotts, Marshall, and either Weurtz or Gaudin. With the way Weurtz pitched yesterday, I do not doubt he gets the nod. Another name to watch is how Guzman does today. He could be in the mix as well.

- There has been talks that Lou may retire after the year depending on how the Cubs do in the playoffs. Anything short of a WS title he will come back.


Cubbies412 said...

I think Marquis is actually on the roster... and I don't know about Howry... especially after today, I think it might be Guzman and not Howry...

Anonymous said...

I'm down. But i like marquis as a starter + his bat 4x a game. Jimbo

Anonymous said...

If Lou sticks with Howry for the playoffs... he is as much a dumb ass as Dusty Baker.


cubbies412 said...

I say we win this in 4... Howry takes the loss in third game and fades away into the sunset to never touch a baseball again in his life!!!

Anonymous said...

Cubs should have waited til AFTER playoffs to pick up Lou's extension
They needed to make sure he could perform in post season first. Exhibit A: The Dumpster loads the bases with walks and Sour Lou keeps him on the mound for the inevitable. Jimbo

Joe said...

I disagree Jimbo. You cant blame Lou for not pulling Demp. His MO all year was getting out of one or two jams and then cruising the rest of the way. You have to assume the player is going to keep up his track record. On top of that... lets say he took out Demp once he loaded the bases. You think Marshall or Marquis or Jeff S. could have come into the bases loaded situation and gotten out? The odds are at best the same as leaving Demp in.

What you have to fault Lou for extends back into Sept and more in regards to line up and roster decisions vs in game decisions. He should have moved Lee down in the order to see what would happen. You cant tinker in the playoffs. He should have kept Theriot in the two hole in game one and he should of kept Fuku on the bench, left Pie off the roster (using Fuku as the speed and defensive replacement) and used Hauffpauir as the starting RF or Fonty at 2B and DeRosa in RF.

I dont question starting Demp first because no one can honestly say they knew Z was going to be himself or not. I also dont blame Z for game 2. Our defense choked.

Lets face it, no matter what they say in public, the players are feeling the pressure of 100 years, fair or not. And it doesnt help that we as fans have that hanging by a thread hope and resulting pressure. So one little play that doesnt go away starts to snowball. Hit and run gets through, couple errors, bam, we pay for it.

On the other hand, Soriano leads off with a single, advances to second on the pitch in the dirt. K, K, inning ender leaving Soriano at second.

We finally some some hits in the 9th after it was pretty much a conclusion that the game was over. Maybe down 0-2 the players will finally just relax and say... well no one expects us to win now, so lets just go out there and play and see what happens.

el gigante said...

Soriano 1 for 14 in the NLDS. Some lead off guy. Glad we have him for another 8 years.

Anonymous said...

Sorryano is your boy and you know it El Gigante. you've been pushing him all year. now just please leave me know who is going to fill in for him next year. Jimbo