Monday, July 21, 2008

More Hot Stove Talk

Here is some more rumors and news-

- The Cubs had Chicago Cubs special assistant Ken Kravec at yesterday's Jays/Rays game. Not sure he was looking at, maybe Joe Inglett or Marco Scutaro? It should be also noted that the Cubs have had prior interest in A.J. Burnett but he did not pitch yesterday. It should also be known that the Jays have received no offers for A.J.

- How Soriano returns will determine what the Cubs do before the deadline.

- Here is some news on Soriano thanks to

Soriano had three plate appearances for the Mesa Cubs -- a rookie-level team -- on Monday morning, as he went 0-for-2 with a walk as the designated hitter.

Soriano reported no lingering effects in his hand and said he would even be ready to come back for Monday night's game in Phoenix against the Diamondbacks.

"I didn't feel anything in my hands and nothing in my fingers," Soriano said. "No pain, that's what's important.

"If they want me to play tonight, I'll play tonight. If they want me to do one more game of rehab, I'll do that. It depends on what the team wants. It's their decision, not my decision."

Soriano said he will likely head down to Tucson for at least one game, where the Iowa Cubs are playing against the Diamondbacks' Triple-A affiliate, before rejoining the Cubs in Chicago to face the Marlins on Thursday.

I hope he takes at least one or two more rehab games before heading to the field.


Joe said...

0-2 vs rookie leaguers isnt exactly exciting.

So I'm glad he is willing to take another rehab game if the Cubs want him to.

I would also like to see him play a game in the field so he gets used to some live fly balls too.

Anonymous said...

Yeah i really think we need another bat before the deadline, but I don't see anything appealing or affordable. The offense has been lethargic since the break. Getting Soriano back will be huge, but we need more. Our home/road splits are ridiculous. Harden looked great tonight. I hope the 112 pitches he threw don't screw him up.