Friday, June 27, 2008

Sabathia, Harden, and Burnett... Oh My!

Here are some good notes on possible pitchers that the Cubs could land.

- A trade for C.C. is the Cubs #1 objective at the deadline and there is some good news. Jim Hendry has said he will go out and get the best available pitcher before the deadline is up on July 31st. The Indians have now been rumored that "any team that acquires C.C. Sabathia would gain an exclusive window to sign him long-term before he reaches free agency." People have stated more than 20 teams in baseball would trade for Sabathia with only about 5 that are the most serious. The Brewers, Rays, Yankess, Red Sox, and Cubs are the most serious about landing him. My bet is on the Cubs because unlike the other teams they will trade the farm to win this year!

- Rich Harden is a stud but has health issues so he is a gamble, but a good one at that. He is the Cubs number 2 pitcher on their wish list. The A's were recently scouting the O's and Cubs series that wrapped up yesterday. Its too bad, they did not see a very good series on the Cubs side.

- A.J. Burnett is becoming more of the most affordable pick up for the Cubs. Since his comments about wanting to play on the Cubs, his trade stock has went down and the manager got fired. The Blue Jays are close to blowing up the team and starting over, keeping guys like Wells, Halladay, and younger guys but getting rid of guys like Stairs, Burnett, and maybe Rolen. Plus it does not help the Jays that A.J. has an opt out clause in this contract for this year which also makes it hard to trade. Unless the Jays allow a window to renegotiate his contract which is unlikely.


Anonymous said...

Bro where do you get your info?
or is it your opinion??
Im not making fun it, just asking if its your opinion or facts??

Anonymous said...

To Hendry:

Go get CC now.

And we are starting to pile up the injuries......

cubsfan82 said...


I appreciate you asking where I get my info. I cannot directly give you some of my sources but I do get my information from several sites like MLBTR, MLBRUMORS, ESPN, FOXSPORTS, MLB4U, etc.. I also get emails from close with the Cubs and Major League Baseball( I cannot disclose my sources because of their position and also they would stop contacting me about potential trades and rumors, which would suck)

I also get my information from radio stations. David Kaplan is a good source of information.

I do insert my opinion in alot of my post but unless I come out and say its my idea or opinion, chances are I heard it somewhere, read it somewhere, or got a tip on it.

I hope this information is helpful and please continue reading, posting comments, and enjoy!

Go Cubbies!

Anonymous said...

Ok and i understand about the sources dealing but thanks!