Thursday, May 15, 2008

Cubs notes.

Here is some notes from today-

- Edmonds started for the Cubs today in CF and hit 6th. He was cheered and booed but more cheering him on than anything. I say welcome Jim!

- Ward will be sent to the 15 day DL with a sore back. The guy they bring up to take his place is likely Micah Hoffpauir. Lou said whoever they bring up will be left handed. I doubt it will be Pie, but you never know. Another option would be Patterson or Torres but Micah is likely candidate.

-Big Z and Jimmy put past behind them.

- Gallagher will make his second start tomorrow against the Pirates.

- Maddux said if it comes down to it he will be open to being traded. He is rumored to maybe find a home in Atlanta, Milwaukee, or on the northside of Chicago. I would take him back! Would the Pads take Marquis straight up for him??? lol I doubt it.


Anonymous said...

I thought you all might like this article from the St Louis Post Dispatch on Edmonds. Lots of good points/stats. Jimbo

if this link doesn't work please leave me know and i'll send it again. JM

el gigante said...

Felix Pie likes the nightlife in des moines. Maybe he be hangin out late with cows pigs and Richie Hill.

Glacier said...

Hey Jimbo you closet birds on the bats fan?

Anonymous said...

Could the cubs be interested in Isringhausen after he heals from his cut hand and the cardinals let him go?

Anonymous said...

Cardinals have brought up their closer of the future and stats show he's producing at the bigs. therefore StL would be willing to let Izzy go but who'd want to assume his contract and why'd we want the Cardinals sloppy seconds?
he's past his prime, terrible this year though leading league in saves. Jimbo

SupersonicIvy said...

The Cubs placed right-handed reliever Chad Fox on the 15-day disabled list Monday because of ulnar neuritis. What is "ulnar neuritis?"

Anonymous said...

supersonicivy: ulnar neuritis is a serious condition. Many people suffer from ulnar neuritis, and are aware of this fact. Typically, the condition begins with a little bit of tingling in the little fingers and the sensitivity at the motor elbow when placing the elbow on arm rests in cars or on a chair. The symptoms can get worse whereby serious nerve injury can occur at the elbow level and even damaging the nerve causing permanent paralysis.

Anonymous said...

ulnar neuritis: thanks for explaining that injury. of course lunar neuritis is werewolfism. Jimbo