Thursday, May 08, 2008

Could Hideki Matsui be avaliable???

Thanks to MLBTR and Buster Olney for this-

Hideki Matsui and Johnny Damon. No way, no how. Then again, Phillies fans are probably saying the same about Howard. The Yanks stagnant offense figures to improve once A-Rod returns next week and Jorge Posada gets back behind the dish next month. But Matsui leads the team in average, OBP, and slugging, while Damon is second in OBP. Unless the Yanks fall out of contention, there's no way they're trading these guys. Even so, they're a pair of 34-year-old outfielders making $13 million a season, with 2009 guaranteed. There's no way a team will offer anything close to equal value.

The Cubs are currently in the market for a good left handed bat for RF or CF that can bat 5th. They are growing tired of running Pie and Johnson out there everyday and want an everyday CFer. Yes, I know Matsui is not a guy you put in CF but Fukudome is. Fukudome has good speed, great glove, and a cannon for an arm. There is no reason why he could not handle the everyday CF job. While the idea of Matsui being traded and who the Yanks would want is still up in the air, this should still interest the Cubs. As of right know I do not see the Bronx Bombers trading Matsui but down the road could be a possibility. Either way the Cubs should give NY a call to see about Matsui availability.

Tell me you would not like this lineup!

Soriano LF ( assuming Lou does not move him down)
Fukudome CF
Lee 1st
Aram 3b
Matsui RF
Soto C
Derosa 2b
Theriot SS

LOTS OF POWER 1-6.. I would be drooling over that lineup!


Anonymous said...

Yankees have always been star-for-star in trades, not usually looking to dump money but you do make me wonder what they'd have in mind from the Cubs. Apparently, a Cubs scout has been sent to look at recently demoted Chisox reliever Adam Russell. I have a friend in Charlotte IL who has sold me on the rumour. Jimbo

Anonymous said...

yea that would be great but wouldnt that cost us like 4-6 guys to give up??

Nick I Cub Fan said...

NY just lost 2 starting pitchers and they have no lefty in the pen. How does Marquis, Eyre and Murton for Damon sound? Salary wise its 2 million difference. Or Marshall, Cotts and Murton for Cabrera. Then the Cubs could really make a splash and offer Soriano, Marquis, Marshall, Eyre, and Pie for Matsui and Damon. then we would have 3 lefties in the line up. I know that trade will never happen even if Soriano got hot. I like your line up except i would use Cededo at 2nd or SS.

Anonymous said...

fantasy land

Nick I Cub Fan said...

You all know how much i like Cedeno, but i would trade him for Willits. He's 3rd on the Angels depth chart behind Hunter and Matthews. Angles have 2 second basemen on the DL Kendrick and Izturis. They could use Cedeno. They also have Lackey and Mossley on the DL. and 2 other starters Garland and Weaver with ERA's over 5.00 so they could use starters too. WILLITS IS A SWITCH HITTING CENTERFIELDER WHO COULD LEADOFF. This trade makes to much sense for both teams so it will never happen.

Joe said...

Interesting suggestions... but something tells me we should look elsewhere... thats even assuming the Yanks are willing to deal... although I see it becoming a reality if they are out of the playoff pic for once.

cubsfan82 said...

NicK I-

I do agree with you to a point. The Cubs are looking for a guy with power and that can play corner spots as well. Willits can play the corner but power is lacking.

He does provide the Cubs with a leadoff man which is a plus but Lou will not move Soriano down in the order until he hits rock bottom( he is starting to heat up).

I really like the idea of getting him but I do not want to trade Cedeno right now. He is the best hitting MI we have, along with him hitting .345 and 18 rbi in just 55 AB is outstanding. He is also a valuable pinch hitter off the bench. I rather keep him and trade Fontanoe or Epatt.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

cubsfan82 you were right about Soriano getting hot i just got done watching the cubs, he went 4 for 5