Friday, April 18, 2008

Marty Brennaman rips Cubs.

Could not believe what I was hearing. I have never heard an announcer rip a team like that in my lifetime. He is a jerk and frankly should not be on the radio. It was in poor taste to go on for mins. about a club that is not your own and continually rip them for things you do not understand. You do not hear Ron or Pat saying anything like this( maybe Ron talking about the Mets, but is not that bad). I should expect this from a guy who said that Dusty Baker is the answer to the Reds problems.

But while you continue to bitch like the poor sport, little baby you are, we will win the division and be heading to the playoffs. So continue to rip the Cubs and its fans while the Reds and you can be content with 3rd or 4th place like you finish every year. You are absolutely off base Marty and do not be surprised if you get a good "welcome" when you come back to Chicago for the next series.




Glacier said...

Dear Marty-

Fucky you and your team you cock sucker.


cubsfan82 said...

Glacier couldnt have said it better myself!!

This is the same guy that compared the Reds next road trip to the Baatan Death March. He did that back in 2007 when comparing the Reds upcoming road trip.

The march was thousands of captured U.S. and Filipino soldiers were forced to walk 70 miles to a concentration camp during World War II, many dying along the way.

MARTY IS AN IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Take this senile, bitter old panty waste off the air.

Anonymous said...

Take this senile, bitter old panty waste off the air.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope Marty doesn't plan on doing a lot of walking around town or dining out next time the Reds are in Chicago.

Joe said...

I'm just brushin it off. The old man is just bitter the Reds havent had a winning season in a while and he knows he doesnt have much time left.

Yeah... we've had a long history of failure... but if he was a true baseball guy he would know real Cub fans arent blaming a goat.

I hope he enjoys the honeymoon with Dusty. Dusty will run Cueto and Volquez's arms into the ground a la Wood and Prior.

I will be rooting for you guys this weekend however... as you guys are playing the Brew and their losses are of more importance to me than the Reds losses.

As for Crisp... I dont think there should be a knee jerk reaction to push for him harder now that Soriano is on the DL. If you ask me... push more now for Roberts and let DeRo and Johnson patrol LF and CF... with Pie comin in for defense late.

Either that or find a platoon LF that bats from the left side and can rest Soriano when he does come back.

Anonymous said...

has anyone heard if Dusty had comment about this? Jimbo