Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Finally A Cub's Rumor!!!

Thanks to the San Diego Union-Tribune-

That's a market the Padres have explored since last May, when they and the Cubs – frequent trade partners in recent years – considered various scenarios. The Cubs have kept tabs on Padres shortstop Khalil Greene, and the Padres have monitored Cubs center fielder Felix Pie, who lost playing time to Reed Johnson. After Edmonds went down last month, the Padres considered center fielders such as Jeremy Reed, who was optioned to Triple-A by the Mariners, and Tony Gwynn Jr. of the Brewers.

I doubt the Cubs would give up Pie straight up for Greene, let alone in a package for him. Although I do like the idea of getting Greene because of his defense and decent bat. He has never fair well at Petco and would benefit hitting in a hitter friendly division. I think if we offered a guy like Fuld, Colvin, or Eric Patterson in part of a package would seem fair. Either way the Cubs adding Greene would really benefit them, even though Theriot and Cedeno have been doing a decent job.


Nick I Cub Fan said...

Greene would be an upgrade defensively but not offensively. I still like Cedeno. SD's outfield is a mess, they had 6 different OF's all batted .227 or less except Giles who hit .258. I think they would love Murton. As for Fuld he will run into a brick wall for you, but he can't hit in the majors. Last year when he came up in sept. his BA was .000 and in AAA he's batting .167 this year. Patterson is on the DL. I would wait a couple more weeks and if our pitching don't improve, then talk to SD about some of their studs. Not that i would be dissapointed with Greene he can play defense and hit the long ball.

Anonymous said...

Pie needs to go down for a few months to work on his stroke and being selective at the plate. His confidence is shot. Reed is the man for now (unless there is a trade). We need another power lefty bat in the lineup so Fukudome can be moved to the 2 spot. But we aren't likely to find a spot for one that we need.

Unknown said...

Murph on The Score mentioned that two Chi reporters mentioned in passing that the Reds will look to dump either Dunn or Griffey in the next couple months.

Dunn is in the last year of his deal and the Reds probably cant afford him. Grif has an option year that is a bit pricey, but could be the star name in an otherwise young roster.

The reason this was brought up was because of the Reds slow start, the firing of the GM and promoting of ex Cards GM Walt Jocketty, and the fact that they want to bring up their top prospect Jay Bruce. It was also mentioned that Grif may be tired of the losing and wants a shot at winning as he is getting older.

Murph then had on a reporter from Cincy and the reporter said that Dunn is more likely to be moved than Grif do to Dunn being in a walk year and with Grif only a few HRs away from 600.

Just pure rumor though and thinking out loud by the Chi reporters. Actually, they mention both Chi teams as being possible trade partners.

But if you ask me, I'm not interested. Dunn does have a stingy eye at the plate to offset his low BA and can mash HRs... but we already have a brick glove in LF (dont get me started on last night). Griffey is tempting because we all know what he is capable of. But he is injury prone and also starting to be avg at best on defense.

Neither can play CF, so I dont see the Cubs being a fit, unless Griffey is willing to accept a role off the bench, considering D Ward has struggled so far.