Sunday, April 06, 2008

Did Someone Say Trades???

Here is the latest addition of "Did Someone Say Trades???". It is early in the year and there is already trade rumors and ideas flying around the Cubs. Lets take a look at Bob Howry this week shall we?? Bob Howry has a tendency to start off really slow both in Spring and at the beginning of the year. One thing Lou has said is that the Cubs need to get out to a good start and I think Bob Howry, among other players, are preventing that. Now I am by no means saying trade all the players that are off to a slow start. What I am saying is Bob Howry situation is really alarming.

Bob Howry has an ERA of 11.57 so far this season in just 2.1 innings pitched. He about gave up the game yesterday and failed to hold the Brewers on Opening Day. Bob has pitched 158 games the past two years for the Cubs and I think the innings are finally starting to ware on the 35 year old relievers arm. The other thing that makes him an ideal trade candidate is that he is in the final year of his 3 year deal and the Cubs could ship him now or later in the year for maybe a middle infielder.

Now who could Bob Howry help-

The Cubs- I am actually putting the Cubs down first because of Bob Howry is a prototypical slow starter and could bounce back and get his ERA around his career 3.52 ERA. The Cubs do not want to do anything drastic yet, they should wait until the deadline because he could be traded as a part of a deal for a #2 starter or leadoff hitter. The downside is having him fail badly and lower his trade value to nothing, but I would take that chance.

The Tigers- The Tigers need relief pitching and have asked for Weurtz but he is not available. They maybe interested in a veteran pitcher like Howry. I would take Raburn straight up for Howry or a top prospect for him.

The White Sox- They could be looking for a veteran presence to go along with Jenks, Linebrink, and Dotel. I would actually see if Cabrera is available for a package of players( since the Cubs are already scouting him) that include Howry.

The Phillies- They did just put Lahey on waivers but still need pen help. Not sure how they would match up in a trade but a top 5 prospect would be about right.

The Blue Jays- They have some injury woes in there pen along with some inconsistency. Bob Howry could fix if he starts turning his season around soon. I like some of the Jays young talent like Justin Jackson and John Tolisano.

There is just to many teams looking for bullpen help to mention. I think Bob Howry is worth a top prospect or a young ML ready player or 2 mid level prospects. I think there are a lot of teams out there who would pay that price for Bob Howry but I think for now the Cubs will hold onto him and see if he turns it around. Lets hope Bob Howry can turn around his season for his sake and the Cubs sake!


Glacier said...

Yea but keep in mind he will probably end up being a type A free agent after the year so any trade has to be better for the cubs than the draft picks. I like Howry but if there is a good deal for the cubs I would be more then willing to trade him.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

I like Raburn and Cabrera. Jackson and Tolisano played rookie league last year and both batted less than .250. As for philly's i liked Kyle Drabek alot he's the son of Doug Drabek. But Kyle got hurt and won't pitch till aug. or so. I enjoy "Did Someone Say Trades" maybe before the draft you could start a did someone say draft pick.

Kamel said...

bleedcubblue from the last post... I think cubsfan82 has heard that the Cubs are looking... but as for the names as thrown in his own opinion.

Kamel said...

O Cab was dangled by the Sox this past off season after they got him... for some strange reason. I know I'm a biased Cubs fan... but I have some Sox fan friends... and for honest constructive criticism... my question to them is in which direction are the Sox going? Every other move keeps contradicting the previous. But yeah... to answer the question... O Cab was floated out there cause the Sox still had Uribe and once they got Swisher and Alexi Ramirez.

I wouldnt mind either O Cab or Furcal... and considering that their respective teams do have viable back up options... I guess you can say impossible on the deal... but I would figure it would at least cost a similar package as B Rob?

Kamel said...

I agree with glacier. If Howry leaves as a FA we get two picks... so we need at least that much in a trade.

I agree with you in that we should hang on to him cause he is a slow starter and I also like the idea of packagin him for a #2.

But to be honest... as of right now... lets calm down alittle. This isnt fantasy baseball. We one week into the season.

I think we will be ok at SS with someone from the group of Theriot, Cedeno, and DeRo. Cedeno is getting his shot today... so lets see what happens.

Glacier said...

Cedeno sucks. he had that double but he is just horrible at defense. we could really use some help at short

el gigante said...

Howry will be ok. Lou thinks he will. If not, he'd have Hendry get him somebody for that bullpen spot faster than a cat can lick its ass.