Saturday, November 10, 2007

Deal for Crawford close??? Fukudome #1 priority!

According to some of my "sources" and devoted emailers the Cubs could be nearing a deal for Tampa Bays Carl Crawford. The Rays are looking to trade Crawford "if the price is right." The Rays are looking for a young inexpensive defensive minded SS and a young inexpensive ML ready pitcher in return for the Allstar outfielder.

The deal would send young lefty Rich Hill, shortstop Ronny Cedeno, and speedy Eric Patterson to Tampa for Carl Crawford. My sources also indicate the Cubs will make a good push for Fukudome if he becomes a free agent and if wants to play in the US. I have been informed that he is the #1 priority of the Cubs this offseason.

This would be a big splash for the Cubs offseason if even one of these deals go through. Lets hope my sources are right because these moves could land the Cubs in the playoffs for the 2nd straight year!


Anonymous said...

Any chance they'll take MLB ready Marshall and high ceiling Veal instead of Hill? I feel like Hill is on the doorstep of becoming a number 2 kind of guy. Marshall obviously doesnt have the high expectations like Hill, but still a good 3 or 4 type arm in the future. Veal has alot of upside too, but obviously not MLB ready yet. But the Rays would be getting two good young arms. Of course it doesnt always work the way we want, but thats how I feel.

Anonymous said...

can you share with us who your "sources" are because i've checked this site quite often and you seem to be making stuff up.

Anonymous said...

I love the move to acquire Crawford from Tampa, but I hate to see Hill go in that deal. I hope that we can get the deal done. I would much rather include Marshall and Ohman in the deal instead of Hill. Our starting rotation would take a big hit if Hill is dealt.

Anonymous said...

The only way i trade Hill is if we get J.Santana,E.Bedard,or J.Peavy. Hill had the lowest run support in National league. He will do better than all Cub starters in 2008. Nick I.

cubsfan82 said...

I wish they would take Veal and Marshall but this is just what my emailers and devoted readers are telling me. I would much rather trade Veal, Marshall, and Cedeno but I think Tampa really likes Hill and wont part with Crawford unless he is in a deal.

It does seem like alot of players to give up just for Crawford.. But Crawford is a allstar, who is very young and is doing great on a bad team. You have to give up something to get something( except when we got Aram and Lofton lol)

As far as my sources, I like to keep there idenity secret.. I am not making this stuff up, if I feel any rumor I get is legitmet I will post it on my site. The fact I got 3 emailes stating basically the same thing and, it sounds like a fair deal, and the Cubs and Rays were in talks during the GM meetings and all the internet rumors about Cubs intrest in Crawford I decdided to post this rumor.

I promise you I am not making this "stuff" up.. I put what I hear on my blog if its sounds reliable.

One of the emailers also leaked the "Soriano signs a 136 million dollar contract with the Cubs" before it was offically announced on ESPN, and he also told me broke the Marquis to cubs rumor a week before it even happened. I trust my sources, and if there wrong, there wrong... Its a rumor site.. Not all rumors come true. If that was the case we would have had Schmidt, JD drew, Soriano, Westbrooke, ARod, and Andruw Jones!

Thank you for reading, I will keep you posted on the latest rumors.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I belive this guy for the most part. His site has been off on some rumors and right on other times but you cant fault him for that. It is a rumor site after all. This rumors sounds legitmate except I rather give up another young arm besides Hill. He is a future #2 starter! Why not Gal? or Hart?

Anonymous said...

If this rumor is true and we end up acquiring Crawford for Hill, Cedeno, and Patterson, do you have any idea who we would target to replace Hill in the rotation? We have a few good arms in the minors, but none are ready to step in and be what Hill could be for us.

Austin said...

I'm sorry, but I ain't trustin' this "source" until I know it is a legit source, and not just what you think like what you've put in past posts.

cubsfan82 said...
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cubsfan82 said...

We have Zambrano, Lilly, and Marquis set in the roataion next year if Hill gets traded. You could pry look in house at Gallagher, Hart, Prior, Wood, Dempster, Marshall, or a wild card like Veal.

But I think the cubs would aquire a free agent starter or thru a trade. A guy like Bedard comes to mind or WIllis( tho Willis would cost to much). For free agents I think the cubs would target Silva, Kuroda, or maybe a Kenshin Kawakami or veteran like Livan Hernandez.

Anonymous said...

I do not believe there is any truth to this rumor with Crawford. Tampa Bay talked to a lot of teams during the meetings including the White Sox. However, if that trade is being talked about the Cubs should do it in a heartbeat. The only problem is Marquis would be the #3 starter and that is very scary.

I would love for them to trade for Bedard, but I think they would have give up more talent than they would if they traded for Willis because of his contract.

Bruce Levine is reporting the Cubs are talking about a trade with the Tigers involving Jacque Jones for Omar Infante.It should be an intersting winter! Jim N

Unknown said... reporting JJ has been traded to Tigers for IF Omar Infante.

I was a JJ backer when everyone wanted him out, but at the same time, amazed we got something in return. saying that it points to the Cubs really banking on Pie to develop, but would say it leads more to the Cubs really goin after Crawford and/or Fukadome.

Crawford is the only player I would package a deal with Pie for, assuming we can hold onto Craw for a few years. Because Craw is basically what we want Pie to develop into, a speedy, solid glove CF who can hit for average and some pop.