Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Cubs Notes

Slow news and rumor day but here is some info-

- The O's claimed Navoa off of waivers. Surprised that Dusty and the Reds didn't get him. Dusty loves Navoa

- Lou will not be in NY next season. He has repeatedly said Chicago is his last stop.

- The Mariners were once close to an extension for Jose Guillen, but currently it's on the backburner. Even if the team exercises his $9MM option, Guillen can and probably will void it. He's going to want at least three years, $30MM. The Cubs will have interest in the lefty smasher. He is only 31 years old and at 9-11 million a season he would be a bargain. Here is a link to his stats-



Jim N said...

Just so you are aware, Guillen is a righthanded hitter, not lefty. The cubs have enough of righthanded strikeout potential hitters. They neeed some guys with a high on-base percentage.

Jim N said...

My favorite comment in the Dusty Baker press conference was that players are already calling him because they want to play for him. That was the same garbage he said when he joined the Cubs. I am sure it is Neifi Perez, Freddie Bynum, and Ramon Martinez.