Saturday, September 29, 2007

My 25-man playoff roster

Here is my 25 man playoff roster-
2. Theriot
3. lee
5. floyd
6. Soto
7. jones
9. Ward
10. Monroe
11. Murton
12. Kendall
13. Pie
14. Cedeno
16. Lilly
17. Hill
18. Marquis
19. Marshall
21. Marmol
22. Howry
23. Eyre
24. Weurtz
25. Wood

Men left out are Fuld, Blanco, Font, Ohman, Hart, Trachsel.... I was debating Hart over Marshall but we may need another lefty coming out of the pen.

Monroe over Font anyday. He could be very valuable off the bench or to start against a lefty. He has post season experience so you have to have him on the 25 man roster.

Soto proved he deserves to be in the playoffs in the last stretch. He is a power bat and a good backstop. He is also very clutch hitting .385 with RISP. Sorry Blanco.

The only thing that could change is adding a pitcher or position player if Ward cant go. But I think Ward will be on the roster for the mere fact even when not 100% he will be very valuable off the bench. He is the best pinch hitter in the league in my opinion.

Feel free to comment or put your 25 man roser down.

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