Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Good roster moves!

In coordination with Cedeno being sent to AAA Iowa and Hill DFA the cubs have activated Floyd from the RL and activated Blanco from the 60 day DL list. I love this move for the cubs of course. Im a huge Hank White fan and I think with the duo of Kendall and Blanco you have a solid catching core. Another thing I am happy with is Cedeno sent to Iowa instead of Fox. Cedeno is nothing but a mediocre MLB player and Fox has good power and is just a hard nosed player. Good move Hendry!

I would like to also add that I think Ward should be in RF and Floyd in LF with Jones in CF against RHP( giving Murton, Fox, and Pie spot starts). That would put alot of Left handed pop in the line up and imagine facing Jones, Lee, Aram, Floyd, and Ward in the lineup back to back to back to back to back.. That is not a fun inning for a pitcher. I am also in favor for Fox to getting playing time over Murton. I'm tired of Murtons ABs.

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Anonymous said...

Murton will be good some day. Fox needs a little more patience.