Tuesday, July 03, 2007

RUMOR: Could Sosa become a Cub?

This rumor has been overflowing in my in box so I decided to address it. Now, realistically could Sammy Sosa become a Chicago Cub once again before the trade deadline? My answer is Yes!

Texas is on the verge of a huge firesale. Shopping all there bloated contracts, veteran players, and pending free agents. Along with players like Gagne, Wilkerson, Gagne, Byrd,Catalanotto, etc, Sosa could find a new home. Sosa would provide a good veteran with good power, OK defense, and a valuable bat off the bench or in a platoon situation. Now how does this fit with the cubs? The Cubs are currently overloaded with outfielders but if you can subtract one ( Jones) and get Sosa, I say you do it. Sosa would provide a good bat off the bench and could relieve time for Floyd in RF.

The few problems with this is it seems Selig is saying no more debt to the cubs. That means no more bloated contracts or deals where there is debt involved. Now Sosa is only making 3 million( that's if he does all his performance bonuses). So you would have to do somewhat of even trade for that amount of dump salary on another team. The Rangers are looking to dump players and salary so that could be a problem.

The other problem is the overloaded outfield situation. If you could unload a Jones or trade him to the Rangers you wouldn't have the problem with Jones anymore and you would get a solid righty and HOFer off the bench.

Personally I would like to see Sammy back in a cubs uniform. But alot of things have to happen to make this happen.


Anonymous said...

i think the cubs would have to be crazy to do something like that...thank goodness its a rumor

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog in the off season and loved it cause of the great rumors and knowledgable info.

But dont start to lose your credibility by saying Sosa will be ok defensively.

I never thought I would say this, but I do agree his right handed pop would actually be of use to the Cubs, especially considering our HR drought at the moment.

But lets not pencil in a Floyd with any right handed OF platoon just yet. I think I saw on ChicagoSports.com that Floyd might consider taking a Cortesone shot over the break. If he does look like he is going to break down some point this season, we may still need Jones.