Monday, June 04, 2007

Sweet Lou out for 3 more games. Cubs trying to unload Jones. Dye is availiable, Abreu 2!

Lots of Rumors and News today-

-Cubs manager Lou Piniella has been suspended three additional games starting tonight. Alan Trammell will continue coaching the team while Piniella is still allowed in the clubhouse just not in the dugout.

-The Cubs are attempting to trade Jacque Jones, a move that would clear the way for Felix Pie to play regularly in center field.There was little interest in Jones over the winter even though he was coming off a fine season, so why would anyone want to take on his contract after he's opened this year at .248/.309/.352? The Padres, White Sox and Twins are among the contenders in need of a left-handed bat, but Jones wouldn't be as much of an upgrade as the Padres might want and the other two don't seem like matches. The Cubs might end up keeping Jones and using him as their primary right fielder, opening up the possibility of a Matt Murton deal.

I really hope the cubs deal him! Pie needs to play everyday in CF!

- According to many sites and, Dye could be had for pitching and maybe an outfielder. The Yanks and Sox have discussed an Abreu for Dye swap and this rumor does have legs. I dont see how this trade would benefit the Sox. They have been rumored of a fire sale and starting young so getting an aging Abreu and his 16m option and 2 mill buyout next year wouldn't be starting fresh. The Sox are still in it, but Kenny Williams may be mailing it in. Mark is also a free agent after this season for the Sox along with Tadahito Iguchi. Why not try to do a cross town trade? What about a Murton with Guzman or Marmol or J.R. Mathes or Mark Holliman for Dye? He would look damn good batting 5th in the lineup!

What about Abreu? If the Yanks are looking to deal Abreu, why not give them a call. See if they will do a Jones for Abreu? or Murton for Abreu? See if they will do that. Couldnt hurt giving them a call. Hell we will even throw in Eyre, Cotts, Navoa, or Howry.

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