Sunday, May 06, 2007

Cubs news and rumors

- The cubs have sent Cedeno to Iowa and called up Guzman for today's start. Ronny who was hitting .097 and 2hr will get more playing time in Iowa and should benefit the Cubs and him. Guzman pitched very well today and got a no decision. He had alot of movement on his fastball and hit 97mph today. He looks good as a 5th starter.

- More trade rumors about Jones are swirling. His stock should be allot higher since the beginning of the year. He showed he can play great CF and decent RF. He also has shown he can still hit the ball with the trade rumors going around. He is hitting .297 with 1 hr and 10 rbi and a stellar OBP of .366. Now the cubs have to think, do we really want to trade him now? and if you do what is he worth and want does the team need? The Angels remain interested.

- Here is an interesting tidbit from

According to John Perrotto of Baseball Prospectus:
"Speculation is mounting that Seattle is ready to swallow hard and release right-hander Jeff Weaver after his going 0-5 with a 15.35 ERA after five starts."
The handiwork of Scott Boras, an inflated pitching market, and playoff heroics earned Weaver the same one-year, $8.325MM deal he got from the Angels the previous offseason. At when the Angels signed him, he was coming off a solid 14 win season. The Ms signed him after he posted a 5.76 ERA in 31 starts.
I'd be surprised to see the Ms release Weaver. Couldn't they pay $6MM of his salary and virtually give him away to some NL team? Even that would be better than releasing him. Maybe the Padres would take a chance on him if the salary risk was minimal.

Don't be surprised to see if the cubs want to make him there 5th starter. Especially if he is released. Could he do for the Cubs what he did for the Cards last year? For around 6 mil it wouldn't be bad to take a chance on him.

- The Yanks and Mets are a list of several teams who would want Z for the big push this year. They are watching the situation closely. Unless they want to give us a young solid mlb ready starter and a good MI that can hit. If the come with any less than that I say no way. We would certainly take a Arod and Hughes fro Zambrano and Izzy lol

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