Monday, December 18, 2006

Great article by Paul Sullivan

The Tribune today had a good peice on the cubs and here it is-

With little available in the free-agent market, the Cubs might elect to sign a veteran, defensive-minded outfielder who can play center field in case Felix Pie doesn't prove in spring training he's ready to become an everyday player.Alfonso Soriano also can move to center, though the Cubs would prefer him on a corner. First they would have to move Jacque Jones, but they won't do it unless they can get some value in return.

"In a perfect world you'd like to put [Soriano] in one spot and leave him there all year," general manager Jim Hendry said."But it's something where we'll just have to see what becomes available the next couple of weeks or the next month and let [manager Lou Piniella] figure it out in spring training."The Cubs still are concerned about Pie's free-swinging tendencies, and they haven't forgotten how Corey Patterson put too much pressure on himself in 2005.If Jones is traded, the Cubs could move Mark DeRosa to the outfield and play Ryan Theriot at second base, though they've already announced that DeRosa is their starting second baseman.

He brings up alot of good points.. I do believe Sori will be in right field next season and Murton and Floyd(if we ever sign him) platooning with him.. This is a good start but where does that leave JJ.. He could definitly man center for the cubs( he was orginally brought up at center) but he defense is suspect... the other option is to have Pie start in center and use Jones as trade bait, but I am with Jim, he wont come cheap. The best bet is to have no center fielder to start Spring Training, let Pie and Jones fight for it.. Pie is such a good defender it might be worth the risk of him hitting .250 to get that defense, on the other hand you have JJ who had a career year last year and could put up simular numbers.. Its a tough decision that Lou and Jim will have to make.. but no rush to do it now.. Spring Training is still a ways away.. Lets see who wants it more.


Anonymous said...

ESPN 1000 is reporting that the Cubs will announce on Tuesday that they have agreed to terms on a one year contract with Cliff Floyd and will trade pitcher Angel Guzman to the Devil Rays to clear a roster spot.

cubsfan82 said...

Cant find it anywhere on the net.. and my sources cant confirm it.. so give me a link or tell me where i can find this info at except espn 1000..

Anonymous said...

Paul Sullivan is such a hypocrite!!!